Power Rangers Mystic Force – Fire Heart: Volume 3

The ongoing adventures and misadventures of our 5 brave and specially talented teenagers. These guys don't get into your usual teenage foibles. They are fighting on the side of good against the usual and powerful foe called 'Evil'.

Fire Heart:
Director: Mark Beesley

Evil forces get a hold of the potent map to the Fire Heart Scroll and this causes the occurrences of natural and unnatural forces to treble. It seems as if the only way to get to Fire Heart before Necrolai and the Hidiacs is for the Power Rangers to get past the quicksand…which is easier said than done. Because once you have done that there are also giant spiders and other delights to battle in the Cimmerian Forest. Xander decides he is going to be the one to lead the Rangers. Good idea?

Petrified Xander:
Director: Andrew Merrifield

The ability to solve puzzles is paramount to the Power Rangers getting their hands on the secrets for the side of good. Due to Xander's arrogance he finds himself in hot water. Clare has to come up with an antidote before Xander finds himself one of the trees in the forest.

Scaredy Cat:
Director: Charles Haskell

The final dragon egg is ready to hatch. Phineus has an awful toothache so the Power Rangers decide to bring him to a human dentist. Jenji the Genie becomes a partner with the Power Rangers in the battle against evil.

Special Features:
-Bonus episode: Ranger Down
-Sneak peeks of Ratatouille, Roving Mars, Robin Hood: Special Edition, Yin Yang Yo!, Peter Pan: Special Edition, Meet the Robinsons, Cars, and Air Buddies

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