Power Rangers:Triassic Triumph: Volume 5

Kira and new Ranger Devin are interns at a TV station. All is well until Zeltrax and mutant monsters find a way to move through the TV signals to enter into the station and attack Kira and Devin! Oddly enough, the evil White Ranger comes to their rescue, and swears that he is now their friend. The White Ranger wants to desperately to be a part of the Power Ranger team, and is eventually invited on board. As if things weren't weird enough already, the White Ranger has an evil clone who is the one that actually joins the Ranger team. He uses his new position to cause some serious confusion and destruction. The Power Rangers believe that they will be able to fight the evil White Ranger with their trusty Shield Of Triumph. However, they learn that the Shield is only secondary to team trust and togetherness. Power Ranger team effort will save the day!

Special Features:

– Exclusive preview of the next season, featuring a whole new Power Rangers team!
– "Return Of The Ranger" : Explore different characteristics of the Rangers.
– "Ninja Moves" : A tutorial featuring various karate moves that you can learn step by step.

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