Reba: Season Five

Country music superstar Reba McEntire starred in her own sitcom for six seasons. Obviously it was popular amongst her music fans, but liked for its broad comedic style by many others. McEntire plays a character named Reba (go figure) Hart, who is a divorced, single mother of three kids (played by Joanna Garcia, Scarlett Pomers and Mitch Holleman) and lives beside her ex-husband (played by Christopher Rich) and his new wife (played by Melissa Peterman). To make things more difficult the ditzy new wife wants to be Reba's best friend and her teenage daughter gets pregnant and plans on keeping the baby. Life isn't easy for this single mom.

Episode 1: Where's There's Smoke: Cheyenne takes up smoking to help her stop drinking.

Episode 2: Reba and the One: The family does not know how to handle it when Reba announces that she is going to try online dating.

Episode 3: As Is: Reba wants to start flipping houses for profit, but needs Van's (played by Steve Howey) financial backing.

Episode 4: And God Created Van: Cheyenne tries to get Van to go to church with the rest of the family.

Episode 5: No Good Deed: Reba's house becomes a little crowded when she takes in a family affected by the hurricane.

Episode 6: Best L'il Haunted House in Texas: Reba is upset when no one in the house is excited about Halloween.

Episode 7: Have Your Cake: Brock wants to talk to Barbara Jean about losing weight.

Episode 8: Grannies Gone Wild: Brock asks Cheyenne to intern at his office but she refuses because she doesn't want to be a dentist anymore.

Episode 9: Invasion: Barbara Jean's brother Buzzard (played by Bryan Callen) visits for Thanksgiving and believes Reba likes him.

Episode 10: Issues: Brock is having trouble sleeping so he goes to a sleep doctor who asks him to videotape himself sleeping.

Episode 11: Brock's Got Stones: While Barbara Jean is away Brock gets kidney stones and Reba has to take care of him.

Episode 12: Parenting with Puppets: Barbara Jean is having trouble disciplining her son Henry (played by John Paul DeFabry).

Episode 13: Don't Mess With Taxes: Brock and Reba are getting audited from the last three years of their marriage.

Episode 14: The Goodbye Guy: Brock and Reba owe the IRS $75,000.

Episode 15: Money Blues: Cheyenne and Van argue over money.

Episode 16: The Trouble with Dr. Hunky: Dr. Morgan (played by James Denton), Reba's former boyfriend, returns and wants her back.

Episode 17: Reba the Landlord: Van convinces Reba to buy Brock and Barbara Jean's house and become their landlord.

Episode 18: The Blonde Leading the Blind: Reba gets into an accident with Van's car because she won't wear her glasses.

Episode 19: Here We Go Again: Reba, Van, Brock and Cheyenne have their last court ordered family anger management session.

Episode 20: Red Alert: Reba is upset to learn that her insurance company hired Barbara Jean.

Episode 21: Two Weddings and a Funeral: Van and Cheyenne are renewing their vows for their 5th anniversary.

Episode 22: Reba's Heart: Reba passes out at the wedding and is brought to the hospital.

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