Ren and Stimpy: The Lost Episodes

Ren is a manic Chihuahua and Ren is a loving but simple minded cat. They are the best of friends (better than most as Ren is sometimes a girl and Ren's wife) who share some bizarre and disgusting adventures. This is an excellent animated series and these are some of the cartoons they came up that were too risqué for television, so they released them on DVD. It ain't for the youngins'! Ten years after stopping the Ren and Stimpy cartoon creator John Kricfalusi did a short run on Spike TV and the results are eye popping in many ways. The cartoon is so good that even the animation itself is funny. This version of Ren and Stimpy gives you an idea of what is possible if it is not reined in by network censors. Many of the ideas for the stories came from fan letters and requests that fans made. The humour has moved from poo and fart jokes to completely adult situations and comedy. There is sex, nudity and double entendres like you can't imagine! Some it is like soft porn! Remember this is not for the faint of heart or easily offended. For fans there are introductions/interviews with John Kricfalusi before each episode that explain the ideas and origins of each episode.

Disc 1:
Episode 1: Naked Beach Frenzy:
Ren and Stimpy go to the beach. Stimpy thinks they are there for sun and fresh air. Ren is there to watch girls.

Episode 2: Stimpy's Pregnant:
This is one of the episodes where Stimpy is a girl. Stimpy carries Ren's love child.

Episode 3: Altruists:
This cartoon is basically an homage to the 3 Stooges where it is filled with one joke after another. A widow whose husband did not leave her any money lives in a hole in the ground with her handicapped son. They get evicted from the hole. Ren and Stimpy decide to do right to help the widow. It is the longest episode of Ren and Stimpy ever.

Special Features:
-Previews for South Park: The Complete 7th Season, Drawn Together (Uncensored): Season One, Ren and Stimpy: Season 3 and a Halfish, Ren and Stimpy: Season 5 and some more of 4, and Wonder Showzen: Season One.

Disc 2:
Episode 4: Ren Seeks Help:
Ren does something awful to Stimpy. For once Stimpy is upset and Ren is full of remorse. Ren decides he needs help and goes downtown to seek help from the only person who can help him. This is a dark psycho-drama.

Episode 5: Fire Dogs 2:
This is a sequel to the popular Fire Dogs. Ren and Stimpy are Dalmatians who become friends with the fire chief. The episode is dirty and rude.

Episode 6: Onward and Upward:
Ren and Stimpy live in a bum's mouth. Ren decides they are going to move uptown to a spittoon in a bar. This episode was created at the request of fans who wanted to be grossed out.

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