Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway – Blu-ray Edition

The uber-popular rock musical, which is an updated version of La Boheme, had an incredibly long run on Broadway. It produced some rabid Rent fans. Fans who went to the show numerous times during it's 12 year run. While there is nothing like experiencing a Broadway play live the Blu-ray technology is truly the next best thing. It really gives you a clear and up-close view of everything happening on stage.

"Rent" won four Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize. Creator Jonathan Larson constructed a musical that made it to the record books as the 7th longest-running show in all Broadway history. During the end of the run some of the members of the original cast came back to perform in the final shows.

A single year in the lives of a small, tight circle of friends who are all artists. It is the 1980s and AIDS is beginning to rear it's ugly head. They are living their dreams, trying to control their demons and loving living in New York City. They all have been squatting in an abandoned building in the city's East Village.

Mark is a budding filmmaker, Angel is a transvestite, Mimi is an exotic dancer, and others all are told by the building's owner, who happens to be a former friend, that they will have to start paying rent. Now they have to deal with attempting to do that while having to deal with their own mortality at the same time.

We are faced with the brutality of AIDS combined with poverty. It is harrowing. There are moments of light strewn within the difficult story with the issues of friendship and romance playing a part. The music is modern, the dancing energetic and the voices marvellous. It is a show high on drama and with plenty of razzle dazzle. Every cast member is full of energy and brings much to their role. It makes the scenes about life and love more touching.

What director Michael John Warren does really well is keep the fact that this is a stage production up front. We are made aware of the sparse set and few props involved in the show. It is like you have front row seats to the play.

Special Features:
-BD Live
-Rent: The Final Days on Broadway
-The Final Curtain Call
-Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation PSA
-National Marfan Foundation PSA
-The Final Lottery
-The Wall
-Previews of Blu-ray Disc is High Definition!, Nick + Norah's Infinite Playlist, I've Loved You So Long, Rachel Getting Married, Passengers, The Wackness, Across the Universe, and Saawariya

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