Restoring Old Flames: Part 1

It was about four years ago and I was listening to my messages when, to my complete surprise, I recognized an almost forgotten but still familiar name. I had not heard from Julie Smith since my teenage days! Her message sounded so official that at first I thought she was a bill collector or telephone solicitor… "This couldn't possibly be Julie Smith," I thought and yet something tickled my mind.

Let me push 'Rewind' and develop our earlier relationship: it was based on a friendship to the casual eye, but mutual feelings of true romance were hidden beneath the placid, platonic surface. We finally confessed, but years later, that we both desired each other then as well as now-but neither one of us had wanted to jeopardize our established friendship. We were both too concerned about scaring away a dear friendship. I still find it interesting how our camaraderie was so important to both of us that we didn't want to make our closeness feel uncomfortable. I remember how I would try to sleep next to her years before in some casual companionable situation, but there would be everything except sleep or brotherly thoughts running through my mind. How ironic that similar thoughts also ran through Julie's head and I never knew it! Julie was my first true love that I never experienced. Better communications would have changed our past significantly, however hindsight is 20/20.

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