Rise: Blood Hunter – Unrated

Sadie Blake (Lucy Liu – Charlie's Angels, Lucky Number Slevin) is a reporter drawn to a story of an underground cult and their morbid inclinations. When the cult's leader becomes suspicious of Sadie, and how much information she has gathered, he has her kidnapped and brought to him. When she wakes up in the morgue, she realises they have stolen her life and made a monster of her.

Clyde Rawlins (Michael Chiklis – TV's The Shield, The Fantastic Four) is a cop whose daughter has become embroiled with the cult. One night he is called to the scene of yet another murder linked to the very same group. Upon his arrival he discovers his daughter is the victim. Consumed with sorrow and anger, he becomes obsessed with the investigation.

Wandering the streets, and growing weak from not feeding, Sadie is taken in by an ex-member of the vampire like cult. He becomes her mentor; feeding her, educating her to the ways of her newfound enemies, and training her for revenge. Soon Sadie is ready for her mission, and sets off to slay each person responsible for her torture and transformation. Along the way, she crosses paths with Clyde, on his own journey for revenge. The unlikely pairing join forces to thwart the evil responsible for their endless suffering.

I have never critiqued the actual title before, but let us just take a moment to ponder "Rise: Blood Hunter." They say you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. I can tell you, upon hearing the title of this film, I was not filled with hope that I would be seeing something innovative or creative. It was good that I did not get my hopes up.

I did expect, however, to bear witness to some very elaborate and exciting fight scenes. Lucy Liu has plenty of experience in that domain, mix in vampires and revenge, and I was sure the result would be some serious combat. On this front, I was disappointed indeed. This surprisingly short film (94 minutes) took no time for character or story development. Once again, thinking that it would lead to the logical conclusion of extensive action sequences. Instead, this film did not commit to developing any one facet of its components.

If you have a crush on Lucy Liu, I highly recommend this film. She looks great and is often nude; otherwise I suspect this film will do for her career what "Blade" did for Stephen Dorff…not much of anything.

Special Features:
-"Sex and Murder"
-Chasing Tricia
-Quenching Her Thirst
-Sadie Saves Collette
-Sadie Takes Revenge

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