A crisis of faith is plaguing longtime clergyman, James Moore (Corbin Bernsen – from television's L.A. Law) and so he decides to return to his hometown to try and figure things out. He figures that if he goes back to the church where he first heard his calling then things will become clearer to him. Kipling is a small town – the type where everyone knows everyone. Once back there James discovers that a childhood friend has been arrested and accused of the crime of arson and murder. Knowing his friend as he does James does not believe him to be capable.

Not willing to let things go, James begins his own investigation into the crime. The family that was killed in the fire was relatively new to town and his friend Travis (Lloyd Warner) is even claiming that he is responsible for their deaths. Still James plugs on.

A few days later a local teenager kills himself and the town is shocked. They do not know what could have motivated this act of desperation. James begins to believe that the suicide had something to do with the dead family members. The investigation begins to show James where he is along the path to God.

Despite the fact that the film was shot on a low budget it still looks great. Maybe all the wintry scenes help in that regard. It was film in the cold Canadian prairie province of Saskatchewan. Must have used locals as the extras or background players! Try to look at some of those "authentic" faces.

The film starts off slowly then gains a little momentum as it goes. Heartwarming, it is the type of film that can be appreciated and viewed by the entire family.

Special Features:
-Deleted Scenes
-The Making of Rust
-For Father

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