Sabrina the Teenage Witch: The Fifth Season

Everyone has to grow up eventually, even witches. This season saw some changes on the show with Sabrina graduated from high school and going on to college. She moves out of the house, in with some roommates and leaving her two aunts with plenty of free time. Sabrina has to deal with new responsibilities and hiding her powers from her three roommates.

Episode 1: Every Witch Way But Loose: Sabrina's (played by Melissa Joan Hart) aunts, Hilda (played by Caroline Rhea) and Zelda (played by Beth Broderick), have a hard time adjusting when she leaves for college.

Episode 2: Double Time: Sabrina falls behind with her work in the first week of class and tries to use magic to catch up to disastrous results.

Episode 3: Heart of the Matter: Salem (voiced by Nick Bakay) suggests that Sabrina use a spell that causes her to say "yes" to every guy who asks her out.

Episode 4: You Can't Twin: While at the amusement park in the other realm, Sabrina sees her evil twin, Katrina.

Episode 5: House of Pi's: For the school paper, Sabrina and Roxie (played by Soleil Moon Frye) investigate Morgan's (played by Elisa Donovan) sorority.

Episode 6: The Halloween Scene: Sabrina has a Halloween party at her aunt's house while they are away without them knowing.

Episode 7: Welcome, Traveler: Miles (played by Trevor Lissauer) joins what he believes to be a club for science geeks, but it is actually a cult.

Episode 8: Some of My Best Friends are Half-Mortals: Sabrina dates a wizard who she believes does not have a problem with her being a half-mortal.

Episode 9: Lost @ C: When her English professor gives her an A, Sabrina believes it is only because he is dating her Aunt Zelda.

Episode 10: Sabrina's Perfect Christmas: Morgan invites Sabrina to spend Christmas with her family who are not as perfect as they first seem.

Episode 11: My Best Shot: Josh (played by David Lascher), who is given a boost of confidence about his abilities as a photographer by Sabrina's spell, decides to quit his job at the coffeehouse.

Episode 12: Tick-Tock Hilda's Clock: After realizing that all her high school friends have kids, Hilda's biological clock starts to work overtime.

Episode 13: Sabrina's New Roommate: While Hilda is remodelling their home, Zelda moves in with Sabrina.

Episode 14: Making the Grade: Roxie loses her scholarship after Sabrina writes an article about the unfair grading system for athletes.

Episode 15: Love is a Many Complicated Thing: On Valentine's Day, Sabrina and Kevin (played by Michael Trucco) go on a double date with Morgan and Josh.

Episode 16: Sabrina, the Muse: Sabrina is happy when Kevin starts writing songs about her.

Episode 17: Beach Blanket Bizarro: For spring break, Sabrina and her friends plan to party in Florida, but it does not work out as they planned.

Episode 18: Witchright Hall: Bratty cousin Amanda (played by Emily Hart) comes to live with Zelda and Hilda and they decide to send her to reform school to straighten her out.

Episode 19: Sabrina, the Activist: Sabrina joins a protest march against the destruction of an historic building.

Episode 20: Do You See What I See: Miles sees Hilda in a flying car and tells everyone at school, but everyone thinks he is crazy.

Episode 21: Sabrina's Got Spirit: Sabrina is worried when she finds out that Miles' paranormal energy device detects witches.

Episode 22: Finally!: Salem is transferred from the Spellman house to a prison camp.

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