Santa Buddies: The Legend of the Paws – Blu-ray Edition

A continuation of the Air Buddies series of films, "Santa Buddies" is fairly awful, but will keep the kids entertained because of the cute dogs in it. The story is heartwarming and not to hard to follow for the young people.

The Christmas Spirit is at a serious low level around the world. Santa (George Wendt – from television's "Cheers") and Santa Paws (Tom Bosley – from television's "Happy Days) are terribly worried. They believe that this is happening because the Christmas icicle is melting. The Christmas icicle is the source of the Christmas Spirit.

After seeing the naughty list, Puppy Paws (Zachary Gordon – Four ChristmasesThe Brothers Bloom) takes off for Washington in the search for a more normal existence. Budderball (Josh Flitter – Horton Hears a Who!, Big Momma's House 2) and his friends take turns hosting Puppy Paws. Despite his best efforts Puppy Paws never truly feels like he fits in and is dismayed over the lack of belief in Washington of Santa Claus.

Stan Cruge, the dogcatcher, catches Puppy Paws and locks him in the pound. All the Buddies along with Tiny (Kaitlyn Maher – first film) and an elf-dog (Richard Kind – A Serious Man, The Visitor) attempt to get Puppy Paws out in time to renew the Christmas Spirit and save Christmas.

Like many of these films the CGI effects are horrible, but that won't deter kids from liking the film. They are much less demanding when it comes to these types of things than adults are. Kids will find the dogs cute and funny. Pretty much anyone older than 10 will not see the value in the film, but they aren't really the target audience anyways.

It will get the young ones in the holiday spirit not that they need any help in that department. Plus it will teach them about the importance of friends, giving and being responsible for your own actions.

Special Features:
-Sing Along Songs
-Music Video: "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"
-DVD Version

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