Saturday Night Live: The Complete Third Season

Since the fall of 1975 the words "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night" have become recognizable to almost everyone in North America. The Lorne Michaels created sketch comedy show is in its 34th season and shows no sign of slowing down. In the third season the cast included Jane Curtain, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, and Bill Murray.

Episode 1: September 24, 1977: Guest host Steve Martin and musical guest Jackson Browne. Skits such as Weekend News Update featuring Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtain.

Episode 2: October 8, 1977: Guest host Madelaine Kahn and musical guest Taj Mahal. Featuring skits such as Swill: The American Bottled Water.

Episode 3: October 15, 1977: Guest host Hugh Hefner and musical guest Libby Titus. Featuring skits such as Planet of the Men vs. Planet of the Women.

Episode 4: October 29, 1977: Guest host Charles Grodin and musical guest Paul Simon. Featuring skits such as Return of the Coneheads.

Episode 5: November 12, 1977: Guest host and musical guest Ray Charles. Featuring skits such as The Godfather.

Episode 6: November 19, 1977: Guest host Buck Henry and musical guest Leon Redbone. Five finalists from the Anyone Can Host contest.

Episode 7: December 10, 1977: Guest host Mary Kay Place and musical guest Willies. Special guest appearance by Andy Kaufman.

Episode 8: December 17, 1977: Guest host Miskel Spillman – winner of the Anyone Can Host contest and musical guest Elvis Costello. Featuring skits such as Meat Wagon Action Track Set.

Episode 9: January 21, 1978: Guest host Steve Martin and musical guests The Dirt Band and Randy Newman. Featuring skits such as State of the Union 1978.

Episode 10: January 28, 1978: Guest host Robert Klein and musical guest Bonnie Raitt. Featuring skits such as The Mr. Mike and Tina Turner Review.

Episode 11: February 18, 1979: Guest host Chevy Chase and musical guest Billy Joel. Featuring skits like The Moth Masher.

Episode 12: February 25, 1978: Guest host O.J. Simpson and musical guest Ashford and Simpson. Featuring skits like The Franken and Davis Show.

Episode 13: March 11, 1978: Guest host Art Farfunkel and musical guest Stephen Bishop. Featuring skits like Miracle in Chicago.

Episode 14: March 18, 1978: Guest host Jill Clayburgh and musical guest Eddie Money. Featuring skits like Danny Boy.

Episode 15: March 25, 1978: Guest host Christopher Lee and musical guest Meat Loaf. Featuring skits like Barbarawawa.

Episode 16: April 1, 1978: Guest host Michael Palin and musical guest Eugene Record. Featuring skits like The Academy Awards.

Episode 17: April 8, 1978: Guest host Michael Sarrazin and musical guest Keith Jarrett. Featuring skits like Carter's Stance on Inflation.

Episode 18: April 15, 1978: Guest host Steve Martin and musical guest The Blues Brothers. Featuring skits like Wild and Crazy Guys.

Episode 19: May 13, 1978: Guest host Richard Dreyfuss and musical guest Jimmy Buffett. Featuring Father Guido Sarducci.

Episode 20: May 20, 1978: Guest host Buck Henry and musical guest Sun Ra. Featuring skits like Sodom 2003 B.C.

Special Features: Things We did Last Summer, John Belushi and Howard Shore: Wardrobe Test, Trailers for Charlie Wilson's War, 30 Rock: Season 1, The Office: Seasons 1-3, and Psych: Season

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