Saving Grace: Season One

It has become the rule as opposed to the exception that big name actors take roles on television shows. Glen Close, Forrest Whitaker, Gabriel Byrne, Minnie Driver, Sally Field, and a host of others have recently started turning towards television. Maybe they like the stable work or maybe the roles are too good to pass up. Whatever the reason, Oscar Award-winner Holly Hunter is the latest to show up on the small screen.

Amidst all the crap that is on television today – do I even have to go into the glut of reality television that airs? – you can still find some gems if you look hard enough. "Saving Grace" is quality television and if you did not get a chance to watch its rookie season about a self-destructive cop who has no redeeming qualities then pick up this DVD.

Episode 1: Pilot: Grace Hanadarko (played by Holly Hunter) lives in Oklahoma City and is a cop with a self-destructive personality.

Episode 2: Bring it On, Earl: Grace tries to prove how tough she is by challenging Earl (played by Leon Rippy) to a wrestling match.

Episode 3: Bless Me, Father, for I Have Sinned: Grace begins to accept that Earl is a part of her life.

Episode 4: Keep Your Damn Wings Off My Nephew: Grace tries to protect her witness, who is a devout Christian, from a criminal who does not want him to testify.

Episode 5: Would You Want Me to Tell You?: Grace's aunt (played by Frances Fisher) comes to town to take part in a tribute for Grace's father, who was a hero during the Oklahoma City bombing.

Episode 6: And You Wonder Why I Lie: Ham's wife (played by Robin Lively) challenges Grace about the affair she is having with her husband (played by Kenny Johnson).

Episode 7: Yeehaw, Geepaw: After consulting her Native American grandfather about a case, Grace realizes that he probably has Alzheimers.

Episode 8: Everything's Got a Shelf Life: In the midst of a raid on a murder's house, Grace is shot and almost dies.

Episode 9: A Language of Angels: While working on a case what is on Grace's mind is a case from 11 years ago.

Episode 10: It's Better When I Can See You: A bus accident claims the lives of three children and Grace's investigation is hampered by bad weather.

Episode 11: This is Way Too Normal For You: A robbery occurs involving a man with Down Syndrome and the investigation centers on a home for mentally challenged people

Episode 12: Is There a Scarlet Letter on My Breast?: A defense attourney from Los Angeles in town for a murder trial seems to be affecting everything and everyone.

Episode 13: Tacos, Tulips, Ducks and Spices: A photo of Grace's sister Paige (played by Jessica Tuck) is found in a burning car.

Special Features: Behind the Scenes with Holly Hunter, On the Set, No Ordinary Angel – Behind the Scenes with Leon Rippy, Rhetta – Laura San Giacomo on her Character, Everlast Music Video "Saving Grace", Saving Grace Overview

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