Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure

If watching paleontological digs and animated prehistoric sea monsters sounds like a good 40 minutes to you and your young ones then head over to the Science Centre at the Old Port because they have a 3D film for you.

"Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure" by director Sean Phillips is a product of the wonderful National Geographic Society. The film puts onscreen in astounding reality prehistoric marine reptiles of the dinosaur age. Narrated by Tony Award-winning actor Liev Shreiber (The Sum of All Fears, Kate & Leopold) and scored by the incomparable Peter Gabriel, you will be astounded at the lifelikeness of the animated marine reptiles that will swim in front of your face. There are many times you will be tempted to reach out and touch them they are so close and real. It is a whole new world unveiled because these creatures of the water are not nearly as well known as land dinosaurs.

We, at the same time, learn that the world was a different place due to climate differences back eighty million years ago. The fossil of the Dollie (Dolichorhynchops) is found in Kansas, which was completely under water back then. Once these underwater creatures died their skeletons settled in the ocean floors which are now high and dry locations. Through these skeletal remains archaeologists are able to piece together the life of the female Dollie from birth to death. With Dollie as our guide we swim through the depths of the oceans encountering many different species, such as jellyfish, sharks, giant squid, and many others. Once again the people at National Geographic have shed some light on the inhabitants, past and present, of our wonderful world. Learning can be fun!

Special Features:
-Interactive Timeline

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