South Park: The Complete Eleventh Season – Uncensored

Uncensored! Wow! South Park is on the edge without being given carte blanche to do or say whatever they please. This lack of restriction means that no one is safe and all are potential targets for the crazed minds behind this great animated television show. It is guaranteed to be funny and shocking. There are fewer episodes this season than in a normal television season, but with the amount of laughs you will get you won't mind too much.

Episode 1: With Apologies to Jesse Jackson: Stan's dad Randy gets on to the television show "Wheel of Fortune".

Episode 2: Cartman Sucks: Butter's dad sends him off to "Pray the Gay Away" camp after catching him in a compromising position with Cartman.

Episode 3: Lice Capades: South Park elementary is hit with a breakout of head lice.

Episode 4: The Snuke: South Park is preparing for the arrival of Hilary Clinton for a campaign rally.

Episode 5: Fantastic Easter Special: Stan wants to know the real explanation for why we have painted eggs and chocolate for Easter.

Episode 6: D-Yikes!: Mrs. Garrison takes out the fact that she's been dumped again on her fourth grade class.

Episode 7: Night of the Living Homeless: The adults in South Park try to figure out a way to deal with the growing number of homeless in town while the kids come up with a final solution.

Episode 8: Le Petit Tourette: Cartman becomes obsessed with Tourette's Syndrome after seeing a kid in the toy store with it.

Episode 9: More Crap: Randy Marsh believes his latest crap is the stuff of World Records.

Episode 10: Imaginationland: The boys have the entirety of the world's imagination at their disposal.

Episode 11: Imaginationland: Episode II: The Pentagon is holding Stan and Kyle as prisoners until they let them know how they got into Imaginationland.

Episode 12: Imaginationland: Episode III: The Supreme Court rules that imaginary things are not real and to nuke Imaginationland.

Episode 13: Guitar Queer-O: Stan and Kyle become obsessed with Guitar Hero.

Episode 14: The List: The fourth grade girls have compiled a list that ranks all the boys from ugliest to cutest.

Special Features: Mini-Commentaries

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