South Park: The Complete Tenth Season

After a little dip in quality, South Park is back with its usual high quality wit and scathing send ups in Season 10. Nothing is sacred to these guys as they will laugh at even the biggest of tragedies.

Episode 1: Return of Chef: After a long absence Chef comes back to South Park, but he is a changed man.

Episode 2: Smug Alert: Trying to do a good thing Stan persuades everyone in South Park to buy an electric car, but something unexpected happens.

Episode 3: Cartoon Wars Part 1: After the residents of South Park find out that the show The Family Guy is going to use the image of Mohammad they fear terrorist retribution..

Episode 4: Cartoon Wars Part 2: Cartman and his new friend from FOX both hate Family Guy and try their darnedest to get it cancelled.

Episode 5: A Million Little Fibers: Towelie writes his autobiography but he pretends to be a person as he realizes that no one will want to read a book about a towel.

Episode 6: Manbearpig: Former Vice-President Al Gore makes a trip to South Park in order to warn the residents of a deadly creature called the Manbearpig.

Episode 7: TSST: The School Board hires Cesar Millan from "Dog Whisperer" in order to try and get him to help with the crazy behaviour of Cartman. Millan soon realizes he is up against his trickiest foe.

Episode 8: Make Love Not Warcraft: The world is threatened by a crazy gamer playing World of Warcraft and it is the boys of South Park to the rescue.

Episode 9: Mystery of the Urinal Deuce: Mr. Mackey tries to figure out who did a 'number two' in the urinal and Cartman finally finds out the truth about 9/11.

Episode 10: Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy: As unlikely as it seems, Cartman is hired as the new hall monitor and the kindergarten teacher has an affair with Ike, Kyle's brother.

Episode 11: Hell on Earth 2006: Being that it is his birthday, Satan wants to have the perfect party.

Episode 12: Go God Go Part 1: Mr. Garrison refuses to teach the kids about evolution so Richard Dawkens is hired to do it. Waiting for the release of Nintendo's Wii is too much for Cartman so he freezes himself for the rest of the waiting period.

Episode 13: Go God Go Part 2: Freezing seemed like a great idea until Cartman wakes up 500 years in the future. He discovers that the world has become an Atheist place.

Episode 14: Stanley's Cup: After being hired to coach a pee wee hockey team, Stan soon realizes that it is not going to be easy.

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