Spaceballs: The Totally Warped Animated Adventures

If you will pardon the pun – may the farce be with you. Bad one, I know, but this animated series based on the Mel Brooks live action farce of Star Wars forced me into it. It is filled with old fashioned, groaner humour. Not happy to limit the making fun of to the film Star Wars, this Spaceballs goes on to make fun of films in general and popular culture. James Bond, Harry Potter and Grand Theft Auto are all targets.

It is worth a watch simply because the writing talent and voice of Mel Brooks both make appearances.

Episode 1: Outbreak: The evil President Skroob has hatched a plan to try and take over the universe.

Episode 2: Skrookinator: President Skroob is up for re-election and finds himself losing, so it is up to Dark Helmet to travel back in time in order to assure a victory.

Episode 3: The Deep Ship: President Skroob and Dark Helmet lure Princess Vespa onto a cruise with the aim of sacrificing her for plenty of cash.

Episode 4: Grand Theft Starship: Princess Vespa and Lone Starr are trapped in a video game.

Special Features: Intermission: Satisfied Customers, Intermission: Thanks for your Order, Intermission: Sing Along with Skybob, The Moron's Guide, And That's Not All, One More Goodie

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