Species IV: The Awakening – Unrated

What you would expect out of any film you go see irregardless of the genre is a story, however simple, that at least makes sense. I cannot say that this minimum requirement was met with "Species IV". I was often confused and it felt like things just happened randomly. Whereas the first "Species" was kinda fun this was just ridiculous.

College Professor Miranda Hollander (Helena Mattsson – appeared in episodes of CSI: NY and Cold Case) is a beautiful and brilliant woman. One night she suffers a blackout and wakes up in the middle of a lot of blood and dead bodies. She goes to see her uncle (Ben Cross – First Knight, Chariots of Fire) to get some answers. The answers she does get from him surprises and horrifies her.

Miranda finds out that she is only half human. She is a clone from a hybrid of human and alien DNA. Her uncle suggests that they go to Mexico to locate the scientist (Dominic Keating – Beowulf) who helped him create her. In Mexico they find themselves having to do battle with a bunch of angry hybrids. They must hurry because it is only a matter of time before Miranda human form begins the end of its life cycle.

Watching this film, with all its randomness, 'inspired' some random thoughts such as, "I've never seen such bad acting" or "This story makes no sense" or "That's a horrible accent". I can't believe I am going to say this but here goes…the Species series makes no sense without Natasha Henstridge in the lead role.

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