Stargate SG-1: The Complete Tenth Season

This Starfleet crew has voyaged for ten years throughout the galaxies in order to protect Earth against her enemies. In this the final season, the doctors and scientists of Stargate SG-1 are all tested by the reemergence of the Ori, who are in the midst of a holy war. As a sci-fi series it is incredibly well-rounded as it not only focuses on science, but also on drama and humour. As it was the longest running uninterrupted sci-fi series ever on television it had its fans that will miss the series, but all good things must come to an end, right?

Disc One:
Episode 1: Flesh and Blood: The battle with the Ori goes on. Vala, who is aboard an Ori ship, gives birth to a female child that ages quickly and is trained to become the next leader.

Episode 2: Morpheus: The team discovers a planet in which all the inhabitants were killed by an illness. Soon they exhibit symptoms of the illness themselves.

Episode 3: The Pegasus Project: The tea flies to the Pegasus galaxy and more specifically the city of Atlantis with the hopes of locating a weapon to help them kill off the Ori.

Episode 4: Insiders: After making a deal with an old enemy in order to battle a new one the crew realizes quickly that this was a mistake.

Special Features:
-SG-1 Directors Series: "Insiders" featuring Peter F. Woeste
-The Ori: A New Enemy
-Photo galleries

Disc Two:
Episode 5: Uninvited: An alien creature begins an attack on SG-1 that they find hard fighting off.

Episode 6: 200: As a cover story in place to keep the Stargate Program a secret is in jeopardy, the SG-1 team agrees to help Martin Lloyd with his film script.

Episode 7: Counterstrike: The Jaffa discovers a way to alter an ancient weapon that is capable of defeating the Ori. An offensive against Dakara is being led by Adria.

Episode 8: Memento Mori: Vala is kidnapped by Trust members under the command of Goa'uld Athena. Vala loses her memory and forgets who she is and how she got there.

Special Features:
-SG-1 Directors Series: "Memento Mori" featuring Peter Dewise
-Stargate SG-1: Behind the 200th
-Photo galleries

Disc Three:
Episode 9: Company of Thieves: SG-1 suspects that the Odyssey was hijacked by the Lucian Alliance, so Mitchell goes undercover to try and find it.

Episode 10: The Quest, Part I: SG-1 makes a temporary alliance with Adria and Ba'al in order to try and locate the planet where the Sangraal is located.

Episode 11: The Quest, Part II: After discovering the frozen body of Merlin, SG-1 tries to help him build the Sangraal before Adria finds them.

Episode 12: Line in the Sand: Wishing to use one of Merlin's devices in order to hide an entire village from the Ori army something goes wrong and Mitchell and a seriously injured Carter are forced to hide themselves out of phase from Ori soldiers.

Special Features:
-SG-1 Directors Series: "Company of Thieves" featuring William Waring
-Setting the Mood with Jim Menard
-Photo galleries

Disc Four:
Episode 13: The Road Not Taken: Something goes wrong with an experiment and Carter is trapped in a parallel reality in which martial law is the way and the Ori are attacking Earth.

Episode 14: The Shroud: Daniel Jackson appears and asks SG-1 for help with something that may be a trap. The team ends up saving Jackson and may have also ended the war with the Ori for good.

Episode 15: Bounty: SG-1 once again destroys an alliance between Netan and the Lucian Alliance, Netan puts out a bounty on them.

Episode 16: The Bad Guys: On an alien planet the team is mistaken for rebels, so they pretend to be something they are not in the hopes of being rescued before they are executed.

Special Features:
-SG-1 Directors Series: "The Shroud" featuring Andy Mikita
-Life As a Tech with Gary Jones
-Photo galleries

Disc Five:
Episode 17: Talion: Teal'c has to go rogue in order to locate and stop a Jaffa leader named Arkad who wants to take control of the Jaffa nation only to turn them over to the Ori.

Episode 18: Family Ties: Vala's father offers to trade secrets about planned attacks on Earth in exchange to live there.

Episode 19: Dominion: Ba'al grabs Vala out from under SG-1's nose. He wants to use Vala for his own plan.

Episode 20: Unending: With the threat of extinction looming over them, the Asgard hand over everything they know and all their technology to SG-1. To try and stop this the Ori launch an attack.

Special Features:
-SG-1 Directors Series: "Unending" with Robert C. Cooper
-Deleted scenes with an introduction by Joseph Mallozzi
-Deleted scenes with an introduction and commentary by Joseph Mallozzi
-Photo galleries

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