Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Fairy Tales

Two short features starring Strawberry Shortcake and all her friends will entertain young girls today just as much as this character has throughout her existence. Young girls for decades have connected with and loved this super sweet character. What parents must love about the DVDs is that each story has a positive message or lesson to teach the youngins' watching it.

When the Berry Fairy Came to Stay:
While out picking strawberries, Strawberry Shortcake and her dog Pupcake and cat Custard, come across a little fairy named Margalo B. Berrygold. Realizing right off the bat that Strawberry is a kind and generous little girl, Margalo takes advantage of her by pretending that she is injured. Strawberry takes Margalo to her home to take care of her until she is better. It seems that the more Strawberry helps Margalo the more she wants to be helped. Pupcake and Custard soon figure out that they are being used by the tiny fairy, but Strawberry does not believe them when they tell her Margalo is not really hurt. Strawberry insists on trying to do Margalo's job of making the strawberries red, but cannot do it on her own. The question is whether Margalo will see her selfish ways are harmful in time to save the strawberries.

The Legend of Sherry Bobbleberry:
On a very windy day Sherry Bobbleberry, a tiny fairy who is performing a duty for the Fairy Queen, gets blown right into Strawberry Shortcake's open window. Sherry believes herself to be extremely klutzy and not able to perform her duties. As a result she believes that she will never become a Fairy Princess First Class. While she was being blown by the wind Sherry saw that the creek was rising and about to flood the entire fairy world. Strawberry and her friend Ginger Snap offer to help Sherry get back home so she can tell them this important news. During their voyage to the fairy world Sherry has the opportunity to prove herself a very capable fairy.

Special Features:
-Strawberry Shortcake music video

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