Strawberry Shortcake: Moonlight Mysteries

If you are a parent of a 4-10 year old girl who is afraid of the dark, monsters or other creepy crawly things then this DVD is perfect for you. It will reassure them that there is really nothing to be frightened of and is fun at the same time. All of Strawberry Shortcake's videos are positive and teach kids important lessons. Strawberry Shortcake has been around since I was a child (many moons ago) and her popularity has ebbed and flowed, but it seems as if she is making another comeback. For those of you who might not be familiar with this little cartoon red head then she is adorable, courageous, and full of endless amounts of energy. Her special talent is to make things better for every one of her friends. She appreciates all the small things in life and believes that everyday will be better than the previous one. This is a DVD that you definitely can feel good about showing to your children.

In this adventure Strawberry Shortcake and her friends Huckleberry Pie (the only boy), Ginger Snap, Angel Cake, and Orange Blossom decide to roast marshmallows and tell each other spooky stories by the campfire one night. Everyone encourages Strawberry to tell her scariest story, so she tells the story of the gang's first overnight camping excursion. Strawberry and the gang are sad to see the end of summer coming and decide to celebrate this time by doing something special. Later that day, while speaking to her cat Custard, Strawberry comes up with the idea of an overnight campout. She makes some invitations and puts them in her friends' mailboxes. The gang is all very excited about the prospect of camping out overnight except for Ginger Snap. The reason she is not excited is that Ginger Snap is afraid of the dark. Ginger Snap tries to pretend several times that she never received Strawberry's invite, but eventually she has to agree to going. Ginger Snap does not want her friends to find out that she is scared of the dark, so she packs many flashlights and sets off on the camping adventure. What transpires shows Ginger Snap and the others how brave she really is.

The second story Strawberry Shortcake tells is about the Blueberry Beast. Strawberry and all her friends decide to go for a hike in the wild Huckleberry Briar. They feel confident going there because Huckleberry Pie claims to know every inch of the briar. While on their hike it starts to rain and becomes dark, so the gang runs for cover. They run so far that they reach an area that Huckleberry does not know. In all the confusion, Strawberry's dog Pupcake goes missing. Just as they find him they stumble upon a very creepy looking house. They are scared and run all the way home to Strawberryland. Because they are all a little scared they decide to all sleep over at Strawberry's house. During the night they hear strange noises and see weird shadows. Finally they find out that what they were hearing and seeing was really Honeypie, a horse who is their friend. She tells them a story about the Blueberry Beast who lives in the Haunted Valley in the briar. Needless to say, no one sleeps well that night. The next morning Strawberry decides that they should all go back to the house and confront what they are scared of. The gang all agrees and they set off back to the spooky house. At the house the gang finds out that what may appear scary from a distance is not usually so when you take a closer look.

Special Features:
-What's that noise?: Interactive game to try and identify forest noises
-After show snacks: Interactive game to help Strawberry find her strawberries
-Berry special places: Ginger's house and bakery: Take a magical tour

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