Strawberry Shortcake: World of Friends

Strawberry Shortcake tells two stories about making friends from all over the world. In the first, "A Trip to Pearis, France" Strawberry decides to travel to meet some new friends. She meets Crepes Suzette and her poodle, Éclair, in Pearis. While in Crepes Suzette's dress shop Pupcake and Éclair run off and get lost. Crepes and Strawberry must learn to overcome their differences and work together to find their lost animals. The second story is called "The Great Friendship Festival" and is about when Strawberry decided to send out invitations to young girls all over the world inviting them to The Great Friendship Festival. New friends come from all over including France, China, the Arctic, and Africa. Important lessons including asking for help when you need it and the fact that friends do not have to have exactly the same interests or tastes in order to get along are examined.

Since almost as long as I can remember Strawberry Shortcake has been a favourite with young girls and parents alike. Like all other Strawberry Shortcake videos this one involves some positive messages for the young viewers. In addition to the educational value, the videos are fun and colourful enough to interest the young watchers. An added bonus is that the pink package that the DVD comes in has been infused with a sweet-smelling (but not overwhelming) strawberry scent.

Special Features:
-Picture pals game
-Berry special places: Friendship clubhouse
-Strawberry Shortcake: Whole New World trailer

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