The Animation Show: Volume 1 and 2

Have you noticed that the short film is a somewhat neglected genre? That not many people make short films any longer? Well, basically it is due to the fact that the short gets little to no exposure and that the filmmakers cannot make money with shorts. The Animation Show is a collection of the world's best short animated films. What the Show hopes to do is bring these deserving films to the big screens. The types of films you will find in this collection are rare Disney shorts, Academy Award nominees and some shorts from creators Mike Judge and Don Hertzfeldt. While you are watching these fascinating, wildly divergent films make sure to think about how much harder it is to get your point across in a few minutes as opposed to two hours.

Disc One:
Volume 1:

Welcome to the Show:
Director: Don Hertzfeldt

An animated film that does not use computers…rare nowadays.

Mt. Head (Atama Yama):
Director: Koji Yamamura

Film based on a well-known Japanese children's comic.

Director: Adam Elliot

First part of a trilogy. The story is taken from the director's life, but is not totally autobiographical.

Director: Bill Plimpton

Based on a parking lot that the director could see from his window in New York.

The Adventures of Ricardo: Ricardo Discovers Sex:
Director: Corky Quakenbush

An example of stop motion animation.

La Course à L'Abime:
Director: Georges Schwizgebel

Schwizgebel uses only six drawings of animation that make a five minute short film.

Billy's Balloon:
Director: Don Hertzfeldt

After seeing this you will never buy a balloon for your kids.

Director: Adam Elliot

The short looks black-and-white, but it is actually colour stock.

The Cathedral (Katedra):
Director: Tomek Baginski

In 2003 this short was nominated for an Oscar Award.

Intermission in the Third Dimension:
Director: Don Hertzfeldt

Demonstrates how hand drawn animation gives you more options.

Fifty Percent Grey:
Directors: Ruairi Robinson and Seamus Byrne

A tale of eternal peace.

The Adventures of Ricardo: Ricardo's Hero:
Director: Corky Quakenbush

The thoughts of a four-year-old Ricardo.

Director: Adam Elliot

Adam Elliot has won an Oscar previously.

Early Pencil Tests and Other Experiments:
Director: Mike Judge

A short by one of the creators of Beavis and Butthead.

Director: Pjotr Sapegin

An emotional and tragic short.

Bathtime in Clerkenwell:
Director: Alex Budovsky

An multiple award-winning short in 2002.

The Adventures of Ricardo: Ricardo's Birthday:
Director: Corky Quakenbush

Makes you wonder if Ricardo is mentally challenged or not.

The Rocks (Das Rad):
Directors: Chris Stenner and Heidi Wittlinger

An interesting mixing of CG technology with stop motion.

The End of the Show:
Director: Don Hertzfeldt

Animation that is directed to kids.

Special Features:
-La Course à L'Abime storyboard and scene comparison
-Deleted pencil test by Mike Judge
-Trilogy production art gallery
-Mt. Head gallery of concept art
-Trilogy optical effects commentary by Don Hertzfeldt
-Billy's Balloon production art gallery
-Das Rad behind the scenes production gallery
-The Cathedral art gallery
-Making Of The Cathedral
-Theatrical trailer for Tomek Baginski's new short "Fallen Art"
-Parking commentary by Bill Plympton
-Theatrical trailer for Bill Plympton's new feature "Hair High"
-Ricardo commentary by Corky Quakenbush
-Experimental first Ricardo short

Disc Two:
Volume 2:

Director: Studio Soi

A 100-mile-an-hour short.

Guard Dog:
Director: Bill Plympton

An Oscar Award nominee in 2005.

The F.E.D.S.:
Director: Jennifer Drummond

Animation that looks like a painting.

Pan With Us:
Director: David Russo

Can you figure out how this was made?

Ward 13:
Director: Peter Cornwell

A short that examines the horror genre. It won several awards.

Director: Jonathan Nix

A boom box like no other.

Directors: Blur Studio and Tim Miller

They are thinking of turning this short into a feature length film.

Director: Chet White

Adapted from a short story by Joe Frank.

Fallen Art:
Director: Tomek Baginski

Winner of a British BAFTA Award.

When the Day Breaks:
Directors: Amanda Forbi and Wendy Tilby

A Canadian short.

Director: Pes

Originally this short was made to be an ad for an alcohol company.

The Meaning of Life:
Director: Don Hertzfeldt

A number of people entering and leaving a room.

Special Features:
-100 Years of Animated Short Films
-Magda: Special Features
-Fallent Art: Special Features
-Fireworks: Special Features
-The F.E.D.S.: Recipe for Animating
-MTV previews

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