The Care Bears Movie: 25th Anniversary Limited Edition

Once again as the world is in danger it is the Care Bears to the rescue. Up in the sky where the clouds and rainbows are the Care Bears live and keep a watchful eye over human beings to make sure that everyone is kind and friendly to their fellow man. Their senses are perked up when they witness an evil spirit fooling a lonely young boy into aiding in the pursuit of making human beings mean to one another. The Care Bears know they must take action before things become out of control. With the help of some animals from the Forest of Feelings, the Care Bears take action to stop the spread of meanness. It is not easy though, even with the help of the animals, and the Care Bears realize that they have their hands full with this battle.

Originally released in 1984 at the time the film was the top animated film at the boxoffice. In this film, which was an opportunity for them to introduce new Care Bear cousins for parents to buy their kids, the Care Bears are once again attempting to educate kids about feelings and being good. Due to the success of the film it opened the doors for a series of films that were marketing goldmines for the makers of the Care Bears. The films became methods to sell their products to the kids of the world.

Besides the greed factor, the film does have a lot of positive messages for children about caring for your fellow human beings. The story is simple, almost too, and straightforward which makes it easy for the young ones to follow. There is definitely a good vs. evil theme to most of their stuff and this film is no exception. There are 'bad' guys in the film, which might be a little too realistic for the younger viewers, but are not nearly as scary as the villains that older kids see nowadays. Though the Care Bears are not as popular as they were during the 80s they are still around and kids still enjoy the bright colours coupled with clouds, rainbows and stars.

Special Features:
-Original TV episode of Professor Cold Heart and the Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine

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