The Crow: Wicked Prayer

I believe that the sun has pretty much set on this series of movies. Not that this was an especially bad movie, but it suffered from its low budget and the fact that the subsequent directors have strayed from the "gothness" of the original film. The Goth, Tim Burtonesque atmosphere is what made the original work so well. The Crow: Wicked Prayer is the fourth movie in this series and definitely does not match up to the original. That said, it is better than the previous two incarnations of the movie. Edward Furlong does a good job as The Crow. He interprets the role differently and really brings a depth to the character I am not sure it had before. On the other hand, the acting by Tara Reid, David Boreanaz, and Dennis Hopper is pretty weak. The director, Lance Mungia, does a great job making the film nice to look at and making the death scenes very realistic, but he cannot do too much with this cliché-riddled script. A pleasant surprise was the score, which was not the usual Goth or death metal, but just atmospheric music that really heightened the emotions being portrayed on the screen.

At a mine in the U.S. desert, the Aztec natives attack the miners. They want the native land back that the mine is on in order to open a casino. A riot breaks out. During the chaos a nearby chain gang prisoner, aided by his girlfriend Lola (Tara Reid – American Pie 2 and The Big Lebowski) and the rest of his gang, escapes. His name is Luc Crash (David Boreanaz – Valentine and I'm With Lucy) and his is the leader of a very violent satanic gang. Lola and Crash get engaged.

Ex-con Jimmy Cuervo (Edward Furlong – Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Pecker) is trying to get his life together. He is going to propose to his girlfriend Lily (Emmanuelle Chriqui – Snow Day and On the Line), who is an Aztec. Her family is not happy about their relationship because Jimmy is an ex-con (who killed an Aztec who was attacking Lily) and not native. Lily's brother Tanner (David Ortiz), who is sheriff on the Aztec side of the reserve, warns Jimmy not to propose. As Jimmy arrives at Lily's work to propose, Luc and his gang grab him. Lola removes Lily's eyes with a knife and through a spell makes them her own. Luc and Lily are using spells to make Luc into Satan. Luc wants his revenge on God, who he feels has forsaken him his whole life. Lily and Jimmy are brutally killed by the gang. The gang dumps the two bodies.

A crow brings Jimmy back to life. He figures out what he is and what happened to Lily and vows revenge on Luc and his gang. The gang has busted in on a church while a wedding is going on. Luc wants revenge on the priest (Rosemberg Salgado) who killed his father. He and his gang kill the priest and everyone at the church except the priest's wife (Rena Owen – Once Were Warriors). Jimmy finds gang member Pestilence (Yuji Okumoto – Pearl Harbor and The Truman Show) at a bar. He wants to know where Luc is. Jimmy kills Pestilence. He goes on to the church and brings the priest back to life. Jimmy continues on to try and find Luc and his gang.

Special DVD Features:

-The Making of The Crow: Wicked Prayer.
-El Pinto: Story behind the cars in the movie.
-Black Moth Bar Story Boards: Drawings frame by frame of scenes 43-49.
-Margaritas and Conversation: Drinks and conversations about the movie with the Producer, Jeff Most and Director, Lance Mungia. Filmed in black and white.
-Deleted Scenes: 1) The Gathering Centre
2) Rick E. Ravens
-Jamie's Attic: Inside the mind and studio of composer Jamie Christopherson.
-Galleries: 1) Production stills
2) Wicked Prayers: A photographic journey
-Sneak Peeks: Trailers for Sin City, Hostage, Cursed, Dracula III: Legacy, Hellraiser: Hellworld, and The Prophecy.

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