The Ellen Show: The Complete Series

Stand-up comedienne/talk show host/actress Ellen DeGeneres is the star of this short-lived sitcom. It was aired in 2001 on CBS and lasted not even one season. The DVD has some episodes on it that were never aired. Keep your eyes peeled for guest-star appearances by a very young Dakota Fanning, Betty White, Ed Asner, and Mary Tyler Moore.

DeGeneres is an out lesbian who leaves a fast-paced life in Los Angeles to return to the slow-moving life of her hometown of Clark. For anyone who is a fan, Ellen is her usual chatty, quirky self in this show, but somehow neither she nor the show seemed to connect with the audience. It's too bad because there was a great supporting cast which including Martin Mull, stand-up Jim Gaffigan, and the zany Cloris Leachman, as Ellen's mom Dot. The series is definitely worth a look due to DeGeneres' likeability, the impeccable comedic timing of Cloris Leachman and the innocent, old-fashion type comedy of the show.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Pilot: After the collapse of both her professional and personal lives, Ellen decides to move back to her small hometown of Clark.

Episode 2: Walden Pond: Her old high school needs a guidance counselor and Ellen accepts the position.

Episode 3: Chain Reaction: Ellen starts a petition to stop a Hooters-like chain restaurant from moving into Clark. The only problem is that her sister Catherine gets a job there.

Episode 4: Vanity Hair: Ellen is persuaded to change her hair for an upcoming interview with Vanity Fair and somehow she ends up being styled by a dog groomer.

Episode 5: The Move: Catherine is jealous of the bond that Ellen and Dot have so she tries to find a way to get their attention.

Episode 6: Muskrat Love: Raccoons are digging up the front lawn so Ellen hires an animal control specialist, who now becomes the problem.

Episode 7: Joe: Ellen is suspicious of Dot's new beau at first and then grows to like him. That is until she believes she finds out something about him.

Episode 8: Cathy's Taffy: Ellen persuades Catherine to go into the taffy business. What follows is an example of why families should not go into business together.

Episode 9: Missing the Bus: Mrs. Gibson, the school bus driver, is forced to retire and Ellen becomes the bus driver.

Special Features:
-Previews of Ladies' Night (TV), '80s Hits, Newsradio, The King of Queens, and Rent

Disc Two:
Episode 10: Alive and Kicking: Due to a lack of students to counsel, Ellen pokes around until she finds a father/son relationship she insists on repairing.

Episode 11: Ellen's First Christmas: Ellen brings her estranged Aunt Mary home for Christmas. Dot and Mary do not see eye to eye on anything and it is up to Ellen to try and bring the sisters back together.

Episode 12: A Bird in the Hand: Dot gives Ellen a family heirloom (a brooch), which makes Catherine jealous. Ellen does not really like the brooch and ends up losing it.

Episode 13: Just the Duck: Catherine and Rusty are secretly dating behind Ellen's back.

Episode 14: Shallow Gal: Ellen discovers she was considered a nerd and unpopular in high school and she tries to make up for that by making friends with the ex-head cheerleader.

Episode 15: Gathering Moss: Catherine and Ellen attend a 'self-actualization' course and discover they can't deal with one another.

Episode 16: A Matter of Principal: Ellen is left in charge of the school and chaos ensues.

Episode 17: Where the Sun Doesn't Shine: Ellen campaigns for her mother to receive the town Sunshine prize only to discovered that she herself is favoured to win it.

Episode 18: One for the Road Show: A board game that Aunt Mary gave Ellen years ago and she never opened is now worth a lot of money. Is it enough money for Ellen to move out?

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