The Fall Guy: The Complete Season 1

Apparently being a stunt man does not completely cover the bills, so Colt Seaver (Lee Majors – from television's The Six Million Dollar Man) takes on a second job as a bounty hunter. To help him with his job of catching the bad guys is his cousin Howie (Douglas Barr – appeared in episodes of Designing Women and The Love Boat) and protégé Jody (Heather Thomas – appeared in episodes of T.J. Hooker and B.J. and the Bear). The danger and high pace of both of his jobs keeps everyone involved on their toes.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Pilot: Stuntman/bounty hunter Colt Seaver is kept busy between trying to protect an old friend and trying to catch a crooked sheriff red handed. Guest appearances by Delta Burke and James Coburn.

Episode 2: The Meek Shall Inherit Rhonda: Colt tries to nab a criminal through his ex-wife who lives south of the border with an actor who is a little long in the tooth.

Episode 3: The Rich Get Richer: Colt and Howie are in pursuit of an embezzler who is trying to commit his crimes and then make a quick getaway.

Special Features:
-Remembering the Fall Guy: An American Classic

Disc Two:
Episode 4: That's Right, We're Bad: Colt and Howie get themselves thrown in jail on purpose in order to catch a thief, but when their cover, the warden (Sandy Ward – The Perfect Storm, Under Siege), has a heart attack they find themselves having to break out.

Episode 5: Colt's Angels: Colt, Howie and Jody are chasing a bail jumper disguised as bikers who are part of a dangerous motorcycle gang.

Episode 6: The Human Torch: While on the hunt for an arsonist and a missing insurance investigator, Howie and Colt find themselves in a small town where the people are not exactly friendly.

Episode 7: The Japanese Connection: On a seemingly straightforward job picking up a moonshiner in Hawaii, Colt becomes entangled with Japanese mobsters who want the moonshiner dead. Guest appearance by Jamie Farr.

Disc Three:
Episode 8: No Way Out: Hoping that Colt and Howie can get him out of Las Vegas alive, an in debt to the mob gambler allows himself to be captured. Guest appearance by Cathy Lee Crosby.

Episode 9: License to Kill (Part 1): Colt is in Hawaii trying to track down a man named Ryker (Monte Markham – appeared in episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Melrose Place). Ryker is a government agent who is trying to kill an international terrorist.

Episode 10: License to Kill (Part 2): Ryker is killed by an out-of-control agent so Colt tries to find the killer. Guest appearance by Lou Ferrigno.

Episode 11: Goin' For It: Colt's stuntman friend is severely injured so he teams up with investigator Kay Faulkner (Judith Chapman – 28 Days, The Sweetest Thing) to find out the truth.

Disc Four:
Episode 12: The Adventures of Ozzie and Harold: A homeless man whose touch with reality is tenuous at best is on the run after witnessing a murder. Colt tries to save him.

Episode 13: Soldiers of Misfortune: In order to capture an ex-Green Beret Colt and Howie enlist in a survival training unit.

Episode 14: Ready, Aim, Die: Using Colt, a female assassin used by the mob is trying to find and kill a witness who testified against them.

Episode 15: Ladies on the Rope: Colt gets involved in the world of female professional wrestling at a time where they are preparing for the championship match.

Disc Five:
Episode 16: The Snow Job: While in Aspen on a job, Colt has to come to the aid of an old girlfriend who is now married to a crooked politician.

Episode 17: Guess Who's Coming to Town?: While in Lucky, Nevada all Colt and Jody run into is bad luck. The inhabitants of Lucky have something to hide.

Episode 18: Child's Play: A man who is willing to testify against the mob is kidnapped and the only clue comes in the form of a young girl with a photographic memory.

Episode 19: Charlie: Colt finds himself part of a Las Vegas real estate scam and it gets dangerous.

Disc Six:
Episode 20: Three For the Road: Colt begrudgingly teams up again with Kay Faulkner in order to find a cache of stolen jewels which are somewhere in Mexico.

Episode 21: The Silent Partner: Colt has a tricky case in which a country music singer kills his ghost writer and tries to frame his chauffeur.

Episode 22: Scavenger Hunt: Howie butts heads with a bunch of unhappy naval officers who have helped steal $5 million.

Special Features:
-"The Unknown Stuntman: The Theme Song"

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