The Fugitive: Season Three – Volume Two

Dr. Richard Kimble (played by David Janssen) has been wrongfully accused of murdering his wife. No one believes that he is innocent so he is on the run. He was able to escape from authorities the night before he was to be executed. While fleeing he sometimes is able to get other people out of jams.

Episode 1: Not With a Whimper: Kimble goes to a town to help his mentor Andrew McCallister (played by Laurence Naismith), who is dying of lung cancer.

Episode 2: Wife Killer: A reporter (played by Janice Rule) prints a photo of the one-armed man and that brings Kimble and Lieutenant Gerard (played by Barry Morse) to town.

Episode 3: This'll Kill You: Kimble gets a job at a Laundromat owned by a man (played by Mickey Rooney) trying to go straight.

Episode 4: Echo of a Nightmare: An undercover cop (played by Shirley Knight) witnesses three young people rob and beat up Kimble.

Episode 5: Stroke of Genius: Gary Keller (played by Beau Bridges), a promising art student, fires off a random shot with his new rifle and accidentally kills his mentor. Kimble picks up the hitchhiking fugitive.

Episode 6: Shadow of the Swan: Kimble meets Tina Andresen (played by Joanna Pettet) at a carnival and she introduces him to her uncle Harry (played by Andrew Duggan), who is a retired police detective.

Episode 7: Running Scared: Kimble finds out that his father has died.

Episode 8: The Chinese Sunset: Kimble gets a job at a ritzy Beverly Hills hotel.

Episode 9: Ill Wind: Gerard tracks Kimble to South Texas and manages to capture him as Kimble is trying to board a train.

Episode 10: With Strings Attached: Kimble is hired as a chauffeur to a 17-year-old violinist (played by Rex Thompson).

Episode 11: The White Knight: After seeing a plane go down Kimble rescues the pilot and two passengers.

Episode 12: The 2130: Kimble finds himself in hotter water after covering up for a young girl.

Episode 13: A Taste of Tomorrow: Kimble meets another fugitive (played by Fritz Weaver) who claims to have been falsely accused of embezzlement.

Episode 14: In Plain Paper Wrapper: Kimble is working as a bartender and becomes involved with a waitress (played by Lois Nettleton).

Episode 15: Coralee: After a diver dies in an accident Kimble stands up for his girlfriend who the locals believe to be a jinx.

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