The Girls Next Door: Season 4

This season with Hef's blonde beauties involves plenty of glamour, travel and even more of the Playboy mansion. You get to be a fly on the wall at one of the more famous household's in the world. Holly, Bridget and Kendra are your hostesses with the mostesses.

Episode 1: Patriot Dames: An Independence Day party at the mansion.

Episode 2: Heavy Lifting: Holly decides that they gym in the mansion needs a remodelling.

Episode 3: Half-Baked Alaska: Holly takes Kendra and Bridget to her hometown in her home state of Alaska.

Episode 4: Unveilings: Bridget and Kendra take trapeze lessons.

Episode 5: There's Something About Mary O'Connor: Kendra plays in the annual Playboy Golf Scramble.

Episode 6: The Full Monte Carlo: Prince Albert has invited Hef and the girls to the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

Episode 7: Go West, Young Girl: Holly auditions some girls for Playboy.

Episode 8: Jamaican Me Crazy: Holly's sister asks her to be her maid of honor at her wedding in Jamaica.

Episode 9: Wedding Belles: It is the day of the wedding in Jamaica and the girls are wishing that Hef was there.

Episode 10: It's My Party and I'll Die if I Want to: It's Bridget's birthday and she decides on a haunted murder mystery party.

Episode 11: Surf's Up: Bridget is busy planning a beach party and Kelly Slater gives the girls surfing lessons.

Episode 12: House Bunnies: Adam Sandler's production company is making a film called "House Bunnies" and wants the girls to play themselves.

Episode 13: Hot Chocolate: For Hef's birthday Holly wants a famous chocolate maker to make chocolate versions of the girl's different body parts.

Episode 14: She Got Game: Hef and the girls travel to Phoenix for the Super Bowl and the Playboy Super Bowl Party.

Special Features: Season 4 Uncensored Striptease, Deleted Scenes

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