The Godfather: Coppola Restoration Giftset – Blu-Ray Edition

As one of the most critically acclaimed series of films (of any type) and especially of the mafia variety it certainly is about time that The Godfather series is released on Blu-Ray. The first and second films have been painstakingly restored as they have deteriorated severely (due to incredible use over the years) and they have not looked this good in years. Don't expect to be wowed by the visuals of the film because remember they were made in the 70s and definitely have that grainy look to them. Be wowed by the quality of the acting and the scripts.

The Godfather:

Vito Corleone (played by Marlon Brando) and his youngest son, Michael (played by Al Pacino), are the brains behind the Corleone crime empire. Vito has made the Corleone name one to respect and fear in the mob world of New York. His son Michael has always tried to establish his independence and does so by defying his father and enlisting in the army during World War II. He has also not shown any interest in the family business up until now. Michael comes home a war hero and at the wedding of his sister, Connie (played by Talia Shire), he arrives with his non-Italian girlfriend, Kay (played by Diane Keaton).

Everything changes for the Corleone family and especially Michael when Vito is shot and barely survives the assassination attempt. After saving his father from a second assassination attempt, Michael convinces his brother Sonny (played by James Caan) and family advisors (played by Abe Vigoda and Robert Duvall) that he should take over control of the family. Michael wants revenge on those who tried to kill his father. After killing a police captain and the drug trafficker Michael is forced to hide out in Sicily.

Upon his return Michael is once again in training to become the don of the Corleone family. After his brother is murdered and he marries Kay, the Corleone family goes through a period of prosperity. He then decides to once again seek revenge on the family's enemies.

The Godfather, Part II:

There are two stories within this great film, each dealing with one generation of the powerful Corleone crime family. We follow the rise of the young Vito (played by Robert DeNiro) to the don he is to become and the rise of Michael (played by Al Pacino) as the new don.

The Godfather, Part III:

Now in his 60s, Michael Corleone is torn in two different directions. He wants to find his successor as don or rid the family of its crime links. A potential successor is the quick tempered Vincent (played by Andy Garcia), but he certainly would not turn the family away from crime.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Photo Galleries, Storyboards, Behind the Scenes, The Filmmakers, Additional Scenes and Chronology, Acclaim and Response, Family Tree, Rogues Gallery, The Masterpiece That Almost Wasn't, Godfather World, Emulsion Rescue, When the Shooting Stopped, The Godfather On the Red Carpet, Four Short Films On The Godfather, Crime Organizational Chart, 12-page Colour Booklet

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