The Invaders: The Second Season

Though you might never have heard of this television series it might be of interest for fans of science fiction. The story behind the series is about David Vincent's (played by Roy Thinnes) discovery and then all-out war with an alien race. It is sometimes hard to identify the aliens as they look human on the outside. They have come to Earth because their own home planet is dying. The series only lasted two seasons so this is its conclusion.

Episode 1: Condition: Red: Vincent attempts to stop the aliens from infiltrating the Air Defense Command Unit.

Episode 2: The Saucer: Vincent destroys an alien guard and then steals a spaceship.

Episode 3: The Watchers: A hotel manager tells Vincent that he believes that aliens are taking over his hotel.

Episode 4: Valley of the Shadow: The residents of a small town capture an alien only they are not aware he is an alien and think he is just a madman.

Episode 5: The Enemy: A nurse, ignoring Vincent, takes in an injured alien.

Episode 6: The Trial: A man turns to Vincent for help after he is put on trial for the murder of an alien.

Episode 7: The Spores: Vincent discovers that the aliens are cultivating spores that when they mature will turn into adult aliens.

Episode 8: Dark Outpost: Vincent it taken aboard an alien spaceship.

Episode 9: Summit Meeting, Part 1: Vincent stumbles upon an alien plot to kill all the world's leaders.

Episode 10: Summit Meeting, Part 2: Vincent has to diffuse a rocket that if launched will kill all the world leaders.

Episode 11: The Prophet: Vincent exposes an alien who is trying to pass himself off as a prophet.

Episode 12: Labyrinth: Vincent brings an injured alien to a doctor for treatment.

Episode 13: The Captive: While attempting into a safe at the Soviet Embassy an alien is captured.

Episode 14: The Believers: Seven people group together to try and battle the aliens.

Episode 15: The Ransom: Vincent and Bob (played by Anthony Eisley) capture an alien leader.

Episode 16: Task Force: Vincent believes that aliens are behind the troubles at a magazine publishing agency.

Episode 17: The Possessed: Vincent receives a message from an old college buddy, but once there Ted (played by Michael Tolan) can't remember why he contacted Vincent.

Episode 18: Counter-Attack: Vincent tricks an alien who is willing to work with him for money.

Episode 19: The Pit: Julian Reed (played by Charles Aidman) asks for Vincent's help because he believes that aliens have infiltrated The Slaten Research Centre.

Episode 20: The Organization: Vincent helps the mob when aliens get their hands on one of their illegal shipment of drugs.

Episode 21: The Peacemaker: Vincent sets up a meeting between alien leaders and an Air Force General.

Episode 22: The Vise: Racial tension crops up between Vincent and the Baxters.

Episode 23: The Miracle: A teenage girl witnesses an alien dying from a snake bite and her life is changed by the bag of crystals he gives her.

Episode 24: The Life Seekers: Vincent tries to get two peaceful aliens back to their ship so they can try and convince their leaders not to attack Earth.

Episode 25: The Pursued: A female alien (played by Susanne Pleshette) is being used to test human emotions.

Episode 26: Inquisition: Vincent tries to warn a senator that a government official is really an alien.

Special Features:
-Introductions by Roy Thinnes
-Interview with Roy Thinnes
-Previews of Star Trek: Season 2, Jericho: Season 1 and Twin Peaks

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