The Jeffersons: The Complete Fifth Season

The Jeffersons was a groundbreaking show during its time. It was the first show about a middle class black couple who have an interracial couple as friends. This was probably the most successful spin-off from the "All In The Family" series. Its popularity had a lot to do with Sherman Hemsley's loud-mouthed, bigoted and stubborn character of George Jefferson. Even though he is politically incorrect you will still find yourself laughing when George calls Harry a "honky" or Alan a "zebra who lost his stripes". On the more serious side the series also addressed such issues such as interracial marriages, male impotence, mental illness, and father-son relationships. The series did so well that it lasted 11 seasons.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Louise's Printing: Louise joins an art class which is fine with George until he sees the male nudes she is drawing in class. George then insists that Louise quits the class.

Episode 2: The Homecoming Part 1: When his grandmother dies Alan Willis is left a warehouse and George tries every which way to get him to give the warehouse to him.

Episode 3: The Homecoming Part 2: George is still trying to get Alan to give him the warehouse and Louise and Helen are having some location problems with the Help Center.

Episode 4: How Slowly They Forget: George uses an old navy association to try and get Louise a permit she needs for the Help Center. The only problem is that the old navy buddy still holds a grudge against George.

Episode 5: George's Dream: George falls asleep at work and dreams it is 1996. In the dream it is the cleaning store's 22nd anniversary and everyone is celebrating but him.

Episode 6: George's New Stockbroker: After learning his new stock broker spent a short amount of time in a mental institution George feels he cannot trust him.

Episode 7: Me and Billy Dee: Because his fund raiser cannot find a celebrity speaker, George hires an impersonator to try and fool Billy Dee Williams into making a speech.

Episode 8: Half a Brother: Alan becoming friendly with a banker's daughter makes George believe that he will not get a seat on the bank's board of directors.

Episode 9: What Are Friends For?: Cousin Dusty pays a surprise visit to George and everything is going alright until Dusty asks George for one of his kidneys.

Disc Two:
Episode 10: George Who?: After she is mugged Louise loses her memory and George tries to use this to get closer to his wife.

Episode 11: Harry's House Guest: George tries to help Harry kick out his annoying house guest, Felicia, but she takes it as a marriage proposal.

Episode 12: George Finds a Father: During the Christmas season George finds out that family friend Buddy had a relationship with his mother.

Episode 13: Louise's Sister: George organizes a surprise party for Louise and invites her sister from France to it. The surprise turns out to be that Louise cannot stand her sister.

Episode 14: Louise's Reunion: After a fight with George over a change in his will Louise goes to her high school reunion alone.

Episode 15: A Bedtime Story: George tries on his own to cure his impotence.

Episode 16: Florence Meets Mr. Right: Florence's new boyfriend proposes and she says, "yes". Louise isn't sure that she has made the right choice.

Episode 17: Louise's Award: George goes to great lengths to ensure that Louise wins the "volunteer of the year" award.

Disc Three:
Episode 18: The Other Woman: Helen finds out that Tom is going on a business trip with a beautiful woman and thinks is having an affair.

Episode 19: The Hold Out: A development company buys all the property on the block but George will not sell the cleaners to them.

Episode 20: The Ones You Love: On the evening they are to be interviewed by a magazine for an article on happy couples, George and Louise get into a big fight.

Episode 21: Every Night Fever: George gets a bad case of Disco Fever. Louise is asked to play a part in a play at the Help Center.

Episode 22: Three Faces of Florence: Florence reads a book about a woman who pretended to be other people and decides she would like to do it as well.

Episode 23: Louise's Convention: Louise is suspicious when George doesn't object to her going on a convention in California on their anniversary.

Episode 24: The Freeze-In: Unexpected visitors arrive at the Jeffersons' when Helen, Harry and Tom stay with them to keep warm because several heaters in the building are not working.

Special Features:
-Previews for The Gospel, Are We There Yet?, Little Man, Classic Urban TV Series, Great TV Families, Ladies Night (TV), and Dynamic Duos (TV)

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