The King of Queens: 1st Season

Starting off its run on television as a spinoff of "Everybody Loves Raymond", Doug Heffernan (played by Kevin James) and his wife Carrie (played by Leah Remini) are a working class couple living in Queens, New York. Doug thinks he rules the roost when it really is his wife who is the boss. Doug loves his wife so much that he gives up his rec room so that her father (played by Jerry Stiller) can move in. It is a decision that they both will live to regret.

Episode 1: Pilot: Doug gives up his rec room so that Carrie's dad, Arthur, can move in.

Episode 2: Head First: Doug somehow becomes Arthur's entertainment director.

Episode 3: Fat City: Doug mentions that Carrie has gained some weight since they go married and things get out of control.

Episode 4: Richie's Song: Carrie informs Doug that his friend Richie's (played by Larry Romano) wife is fooling around on him.

Episode 5: Cello, Goodbye: After Carrie gets a new job at a fancy law firm, Doug begins to feel inadequate.

Episode 6: Paternal Affairs: Arthur gets romantic with Doug's aunt (played by Brenda Vaccaro).

Episode 7: The Rock: After finding her engagement ring is worth lots of money, Carrie and Doug sell it then buy a satellite dish and a Jacuzzi.

Episode 8: Road Rayge: After trying to help Ray Barone (played by Ray Romano) at the DMV, Doug loses his license.

Episode 9: Educating Doug: Doug and Carrie go back to school.

Episode 10: Supermarket Story: Carrie becomes a little too Martha Stewart around Thanksgiving.

Episode 11: Fixer Upper: Spence (played by Patton Oswalt) decides it's time to lose his virginity.

Episode 12: Crappy Birthday: Doug throws Carrie a pretty awful birthday party.

Episode 13: Noel Cowards: Doug and Carrie trade in their car for a circus car.

Episode 14: Best Man: Doug meets one of Carrie's ex-boyfriends.

Episode 15: Dog Days: Doug gets too wrapped up in the dog next door.

Episode 16: Hungry Man: Doug attends a fancy party and decides to redecorate.

Episode 17: Court Date: Carrie goes on a date with a cop in order to get out of a ticket.

Episode 18: S'aint Valentine's: The Heffernan's don't exactly have the Valentine's Day they had planned.

Episode 19: White Collar: Doug's promotion goes to Deacon's (played by Victor Williams) head.

Episode 20: Rayny Day: Doug's golf day does not turn out as he had planned.

Episode 21: Train Wreck: Doug's new trainee at work is attractive.

Episode 22: Where's Poppa?: Doug and Carrie decide to try and spend some quality time together.

Episode 23: Time Share: Doug and Carrie find themselves part of their neighbour's break-up.

Episode 24: Maybe Baby: Doug and Carrie think about having a baby.

Episode 25: Art House: Doug and Arthur get into a fight and try out a trial separation.

Special Features: Assaulted Nuts: Bonus Episode, Better Camera: Bonus Episode, Just Havin' Fun, Laughs Montage

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