The King of Queens: 4th Season

The forte of The King of Queens is how it makes everyday life hilarious. Doug (played by Kevin James) and Carrie (played by Leah Remini) are your average 30-something couple with no kids. Doug works as a parcel delivery guy and Carrie works as a secretary at a legal firm. They live with Carrie's cranky and crazy father, Arthur (played by Jerry Stiller), who just makes everything funnier.

Episode 1: Sight Gag: Doug gets Carrie laser eye surgery for her birthday, but it doesn't go so great.

Episode 2: Walk Man: Doug and Carrie decide to get pregnant.

Episode 3: Friender Bender: Doug rear ends his friends car and agrees to pay for everything, but is upset when he thinks Deacon (played by Victor Williams) and Kelly (played by Merrin Dungey) are ripping him off.

Episode 4: Mean Streak: Doug is within reach of an IPS company record and his co-workers are really excited.

Episode 5: No Retreat: Doug does his best to get Carrie a promotion while at her company retreat.

Episode 6: Oxy Moron: When the plane they are on has a rough landing Doug doesn't share the oxygen mask with Carrie.

Episode 7: Ticker Treat: Arthur forbids Halloween, but Doug refuses to accept.

Episode 8: Lyin' Hearted: While going through a box of her stuff that Arthur kept Carrie finds an acceptance letter she did not know about.

Episode 9: Depo Man: Carrie picks Doug when her boss needs an IPS driver as an expert witness.

Episode 10: Life Sentence: Arthur is home from the hospital and Doug and Carrie install an nanny cam in his room.

Episode 11: Veiled Threat: Doug finds out that Carrie married him because she believes that they met as children when it was really his cousin she met.

Episode 12: Double Downer: It is the anniversary of Doug and Carrie's first date and they spend it with her boss in Atlantic City.

Episode 13: Ovary Action: It is a perfect time for Doug and Carrie to try to make a baby but the house is full of relatives.

Episode 14: Food Fight: Carrie is jealous when Doug seems interested in Spencer's new girlfriend – a chef.

Episode 15: Dougie Nights: Doug starts living life in the fast lane when he takes a newly divorced Deacon out to a club.

Episode 16: No Orleans: In an old wedding gift Doug and Carrie find an expired cheque for $1,500 but they have to make nice with Doug's third cousin in order to get it rewritten.

Episode 17: Missing Links: While at their annual golf game Carrie does not seem to be getting along with Deacon's date.

Episode 18: Hero Worship: Doug accepts money from Uncle Stu (played by Gavin Macleod) in order to open a sandwich shop.

Episode 19: Screwed Driver: Carrie is out of town and his parents are staying with him so Doug falls back into his old slacker ways.

Episode 20: Lush Life: Carrie's new habit of having drinks after works leads to more freedom for Doug and Arthur.

Episode 21: Patrons Ain't: When their donation is misrecorded, Doug and Carrie end up getting a children's library named after them.

Episode 22: Bun Dummy: Doug begs Carrie to change her "receptionist" hairdo so as not to embarrass him at his high school reunion.

Episode 23: Shrink Wrap: Tired of fighting with Arthur, Doug and Carrie send him to a therapist.

Episode 24: Eddie Money: Doug sneaks $100 out of the emergency jar in order to make a bet on boxing.

Episode 25: Two Thirty: Doug thinks his dentist is inflicting pain on him on purpose because he is attracted to Carrie.

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