The King of Queens: Season Six

Most married couples on television are so perfect that they are not realistic and make you a little sick to your stomach. This is not the case with Carrie (played by Leah Remini) and Doug (played by Kevin James). They are regular folks who have plenty of fights and sticky situations to get out of. The regulars you've come to know and love are back for season six, plus guest appearances by Janeane Garofalo, Jon Favreau, Lou Ferrigno, and Judge Reinhold.

Episode 1: Doug Less, Part 1: Doug takes Carrie to a place he believes they shared a romantic moment only to find out it wasn't Carrie he took there.

Episode 2: Doug Less, Part 2: Carrie finds herself really jealous of the attention that Doug's new body is getting him.

Episode 3: King Pong: Arthur (played by Jerry Stiller) buys a ping pong table and Doug's competitive nature gets out of hand.

Episode 4: Dreading Vows: Carrie and Doug think that renewing their vows will be a great idea until everyone starts butting in.

Episode 5: Nocturnal Omission: Deacon (played by Victor Williams) puts Doug in an awkward position when he starts dating a woman not knowing that Kelly (played by Merrin Dungey) wants him back.

Episode 6: Affidavit Justice: Doug pretends that he is a lawyer and Arthur finds out that his ancestors might have owned slaves.

Episode 7: Secret Garden: Doug gets a little carried away with the barbequing after he buys a new grill.

Episode 8: Eggsit Strategy: Carrie's boss is fired and that leaves her hanging by a thread at work.

Episode 9: Thanks, Man: A stranger (played by Kevin Offerman) invades the Heffernan's Thanksgiving dinner.

Episode 10: American Idle: Carrie fired and Doug is not sure he likes his stay at home wife.

Episode 11: Santa Claustrophobia: Doug feels a little suffocated when Carrie gets a temporary job at IPS.

Episode 12: Dougie Houser: Doug thinks back ten years to come up with the reason why Carrie makes all the important decisions.

Episode 13: Frigid Heirs: Arthur decides to use his bingo winnings to buy Carrie and Doug a new fridge, but there are some strings attached.

Episode 14: Switch Sitters: Carrie and Doug agree to babysit for Kelly and Deacon.

Episode 15: Cheap Saks: In order to get a discount at Saks, Carrie tries to make friends with a woman (played by Janeane Garofalo) that Doug dumped.

Episode 16: Damned Yanky: Carrie is upset when she finds out that Doug's sexual fantasies are not about her.

Episode 17: Multiple Plots: Arthur sells his cemetery plot and Carrie starts working as a dog walker.

Episode 18: Trash Talker: Carrie and Deacon become friends with Doug's elementary school nemesis (played by Jon Favreau).

Episode 19: Precedent Nixin': Their vacation to Florida does not go as planned for the Heffernans.

Episode 20: Foe Pa: Arthur ruins a job interview for Carrie and she loses it with him.

Episode 21: Tank Heaven: Carrie starts her new job and the Heffernans begin to meet some new couples.

Episode 22: Altar Ego: Doug et al. take Spencer (played by Patton Oswalt) on a road trip to stop the wedding of his true love.

Episode 23: Icky Shuffle: Doug and Arthur partner up for a shuffleboard tournament.

Episode 24: Awful Bigamy: Holly (played by Nicole Sullivan) is evicted from her apartment and stays with the Heffernans until she finds another place.

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