The Love Boat: Season 2 – Volume 1

From the creative mind of Aaron Spelling came this light romp on the sea. Sail on the Pacific Princess from California to Mexico and you're guaranteed to have a good time. Plus see plenty of stars of the Hollywood variety. During the late 1970s every actor seemed to turn up as a guest star on The Love Boat. In season two such stars as Sonny Bono, Red Buttons, Jamie Lee Curtis, Billy Crystal, Erik Estrada, Florence Henderson, Vincent Price, and Robert Goulet sailed the seas with Captain Stubing (played by Gavin Macleod) and his crew. The high seas meant plenty of fun, sun and romance for passengers and crew alike.

Episode 1: Marooned, Part 1: Captain Stubing, Gopher (played by Fred Grandy), Julie (played by Lauren Tewes) and some passengers are stranded on a secluded island.

Episode 2: Isaac's Holiday, Part 2: While on his vacation Isaac (played by Ted Lange) decides to sail on the Pacific Princess.

Episode 3: Julie's Dilemma: Julie's parents board the Pacific Princess and tell her of their intent to get a divorce.

Episode 4: The Man Who Loved Women: The same man makes a play for three different women not knowing that they are sailing together.

Episode 5: Julie's Aunt: A desperate business uses his daughter as bait to close a deal.

Episode 6: The Kissing Bandit: A shy man becomes a completely different person once the sun sets.

Episode 6: Ship of Ghouls: A boy who cried wolf one time too many cannot get help when he really needs it.

Episode 7: Accidental Cruise: Captain Stubing meets his daughter (played by Jill Whelan) by a former girlfriend.

Episode 8: Til Death Do Us Part: A divorced couple is accidentally locked in a cabin together.

Episode 9: Tony's Family: The crew tries to keep 6 stowaways a secret from Captain Stubing.

Episode 10: Heads or Tails:

Episode 11: Folks from Home: Doc (played by Bernie Kopell) must perform a risky operation.

Episode 12: Isoceles Triangle: A beautiful woman has a hard time choosing between Doc and Captain Stubing.

Special Features: Episode Promos, Nautical Trivia Questions

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