The L Word: Seasons 1-5

When I saw this five season collection of The L Word I was puzzled as to why it is being released. There is only one more season, so why not wait one more season and release a complete series collection? Is it a money grab? Or am I being too cynical? I would also wait until the Blu-ray version comes out. Other than these points…

The L Word is a sinfully fantastic series based on the loves, lives and friendships of a bunch of Los Angeles women who are lesbians. It is a kind of mix of soap opera and drama series. With plenty of sex thrown in. A little bit of something, something for everyone and all tastes.

If you don't own seasons 1 through 4 then rush out to get this one.

Season 1: Bette (played by Jennifer Beals) and Tina (played by Laurel Holloman), who have been a couple for many years, decide to start a family. Tina worries about using a sperm donor. Bette is thrilled when she finds out that Tina is pregnant, but she is upset by the reaction of her father when she tells him.

A young writer moves named Jenny (played by Mia Kirshner) moves in next door to them. Jenny starts hanging out with Bette, Tina and all their lesbian friends and soon discovers that she is a lesbian herself.

Alice (played by Leisha Hailey) gets back together with her abusive ex-girlfriend, which worries everyone. She finally breaks up with her and thinks she might have feelings for Dana.

Dana (played by Erin Daniels) is a professional tennis player who is continuously worried about being outed. She rejects her girlfriend to keep a sponsor and is forced to come out to her conservative parents.

Shane (played by Katherine Moennig) gets an opportunity to style the hair of a famous client. She still finds herself tomcatting around with many women.

Season 2: Bette and Tina's relationship is in jeopardy due to Bette's infidelity. Bette tries to repair the damage, but Tina is already attracted to another woman, Helena (played by Rachel Shelley). Tina goes through a difficult labour.

Alice and Dana try to hide the fact that they have been together from the rest of their friends and also try to resist each other. Dana finally breaks up with her girlfriend and she and Alice tell everyone they are dating.

Jenny faces some obstacles in her writing class. She and Shane look for a new roommate. Jenny finds herself attracted to Carmen (played by Sarah Shahi). They start dating, but are unaware that Shane is also attracted to Carmen. Jenny makes a shocking revelation about her childhood.

Kit, Bette's sister (played by Pam Grier), goes about opening her new club. Kit and Bette try to reconnect with their estranged father during a visit.

Season 3: Bette and Tina try to deal with being parents to Angelica and attempting to reconcile. Bette loses her job and Tina is forced to work for Helena. Tina finds herself attracted to men and Bette turns to Buddhism. After Bette kicks her out of their bed, Tina starts dating a divorced man. Bette and Tina wage a custody battle over Angelica.

Helena starts on her own in the movie business. She is hit with a lawsuit and her mother (played by Holland Taylor) returns to town to help.

Alice and Dana break up and Dana has to deal with a health issue. Helena tries to help Alice get over Dana. Dana is back with her ex, Lara (played by Lauren Lee Smith).

Jenny comes back to Los Angeles with her new girlfriend, Moira (played by Daniela Sea). Moira wants to undergo surgery to become a man. She takes on the name Max.

Carmen and Shane's relationship becomes serious as Shane meets Carmen's family. Shane opens her own styling business. Shane's ex comes back for a visit and drives a wedge between her and Carmen. Carmen evens the score with Shane. Shane proposes to Carmen.

Kit finds herself attracted to Angelica's male nanny, Angus (played by Dallas Roberts).

Season 4: Bette is on the run with Angelica. She finally returns her to Tina and takes a job as a teacher at an art college. Bette begins to have an affair with her teaching assistant, Jodi (played by Marlee Matlin), which could jeopardize her career.

Helena has to adjust to a life without money. She has to look for a job. Catherine (played by Sandrine Holt) and Helena begin to gamble heavily.

Kit is pregnant, but it is not going smoothly. Angus is caught with another woman.

Max and Jenny are over, so Max goes out on a date with a straight girl. Jenny's novel "Lez Girls" is being turned into a film by Tina's company.

Shane finds herself having to care for her little brother. She begins to work as an underwear model to get the money she needs for a hospital bill. Shane begins seeing a woman named Paige (played by Kristanna Loken).

Alice begins to date a married woman named Phyllis (played by Cybil Sheppard), but breaks up with her after meeting her husband. She begins to date a female soldier named Tasha (played by Rose Rollins).

Season 5: Despite the fact that Jodi is back from New York, Bette and Tine rekindle their relationship. They decide to go to couples therapy.

Helena is kicked out of the hotel and put in prison. She begins to get comfortable in prison until her mother reenters the picture.

Jenny starts coming up with a plan to direct "Lez Girls" herself. On set chaos ensues.

Shane decides to stop having sex and redirects her energies into exercising. Sexually frustrated, Shane finds herself attracted to Phyllis's daughter, Molly (played by Clementine Ford). Phyllis tells Shane to stay away from her daughter.

Alice and Tasha look to buy a house together. Tasha's trial begins.

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