The Matrix: 10th Anniversary Edition – Blu-ray Edition

What more can be said about this film? I believe it to be a modern sci fi classic. It changed everything about sci fi films and films in general. The technology/the way the Wachowski brothers shot the film is amazing. It should be even that much more fun in blu-ray.

Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves – The Lake House, The Replacements) is an ordinary guy who hacks into computers for a living. He meets a man named Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne – Mission: Impossible III, Mystic River) who shows him that the world he is living in is make-believe. Hesitant at first, he then is shown proof by Morpheus. They meet up with a woman named Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss – Memento, Chocolat), who is also aware of what is going on.

The androids who have taken over the world have created this perfect false world in order to keep the human race pacified. Neo, Trinity and Morpheus have got to try to lead the humans to freedom and the androids are not going to let them…without a fight anyways.

Special Features:
-The Matrix Revisited
-Behind The matrix
-Making The Matrix
-The Dance of the Master: Yuen Wo Ping's Blocking Tapes
-The Bathroom Fight and Wet Wall
-The Code of the Red Dress
-The Old Exit: Wabash and Lake
-Agent Down
-But Wait- There's More
-Take the Red Pills [2 selections]
-Follow the White Rabbit [9 selections
-The Music Revisited [41 audio tracks]
-Marilyn Manson Music Video Rock is Dead
-The Matrix Teaser
-The Matrix Trailer
-The Matrix TV Spots

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