The Nanny: The Complete Second Season

The year was 1993 when the second season of The Nanny originally aired. The Nanny was a popular sitcom which starred the nasally voiced, but lovable Fran Drescher. Its premise was that Fran Fine, who had been fired from her job and kicked out by her ex-fiance, took on a job as a nanny for the widowed Broadway producer, Maxwell Sheffield (Charles Shaughnessy – from television's Days of Our Lives), and his three kids, Maggie, Brighton and Grace. Fran is a bit of a fish out of water as she is a Jewish girl from Flushing, Queens and not used to the high faluting life the Sheffield's lead. Despite the awkwardness, Fran becomes quite attached to the Sheffields and they to her. Fran's odd family, mother and grandmother, often come over to the Sheffields' and this generally provides much comic fodder. Fran gets along with the butler, Niles, but bickers often with Maxwell's partner, C.C. Babcock. Most of the comedy is breezy and light, but it is often times quite smart. Overall, an enjoyable show.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Fran Lite: Fran persuades Mr. Sheffield to start dating again and he ends up bringing home a woman who is a carbon copy of Fran.

Episode 2: The Playwright: Fran has to go on a date with a man she rejected in high school to teach Brighton a lesson.

Episode 3: Everyone Needs a Bubby Sometime: Yetta moves in with the Sheffields when her retirement home is being fumigated.

Episode 4: Material Fran: Fran realizes that money isn't all that's important when she begins to date a wealthy older man.

Episode 5: Curse of the Grandmas: Gracie is convinced she is bad luck when all her elderly partners at Yetta's retirement home die on her.

Episode 6: The Nanny-Napper: Fran accidentally takes a Russian woman's baby on the subway and she is wanted for kidnapping.

Episode 7: A Star is Born: Much to everyone's surprise, Fran is cast as Juliet in a Broadway production of Romeo and Juliet.

Episode 8: Pishke Business: Fran pretends she is C.C. in the hopes of getting a wealthy investor to back Mr. Sheffield's next play.

Episode 9: Stock Tip: Fran mistakenly thinks a hot dog vendor is a stockbroker and has to stop Mr. Sheffield from making a bad investment.

Disc Two:
Episode 10: Wine Cellar: Fran and C.C get locked in Mr. Sheffield's wine cellar during Fran's mother's birthday party.

Episode 11: Take Back Your Mink: Fran inherits a mink from a wealthy relative and it upsets Maggie.

Episode 12: When You Pish Upon a Star: Mr. Sheffield's latest lead quits acting on advice from Fran.

Episode 13: The Strike: Fran and Mr. Sheffield are on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show because of a busboy strike.

Episode 14: I've Got a Secret: Mr. Sheffield has a mystery celebrity staying with him while they are recovering from plastic surgery and Fran is dying to find out who it is.

Episode 15: Kindervelt Days: At her summer camp reunion, Fran meets Erik Estrada.

Episode 16: Canasta Master: Fran is off her mother's canasta team because Brighton ends up being an excellent player.

Episode 17: The Will: Fran believes that Mr. Sheffield is dying because he has decided to write his will.

Episode 18: The Nanny Behind the Man: Yetta spends a romantic evening with a famous playwright in order to secure his next play for Mr. Sheffield.

Disc Three:
Episode 19: A Fine Friendship: Gracie believes she is pregnant because she was late….to a movie. Fran dates another nanny.

Episode 20: Lamb Chop's on the Menu: Fran loses Shari Lewis's Lamb Chop and tries to pass off one she makes herself as the real thing.

Episode 21: Close Shave: Fran is believed to be a nurse and has to shave Mr. Sheffield before an appendectomy.

Episode 22: What the Butler Sung: Due to Fran's prodding, Niles audition's for Mr. Sheffield's latest play.

Episode 23: A Kiss Is Just a Kiss: Fran wins the Billy Ray Cyrus kissing contest.

Episode 24: Stranger Bedfellows: Following a friend's farewell party that got out of hand, Fran awakens in Mr. Sheffield's bedroom not remembering how she got there.

Episode 25: Chatterbox: Maggie has a sweet 16 party to attend and Fran takes her to get her hair done.

Episode 26: Fran Gets Mugged: In Central Park Fran is mugged of a priceless Shakespeare memento that belonged to Mr. Sheffield.

Special Features:
-Trailers for I Dream of Jeannie, Gidget and the Flying Nun and Ladies' Night Out (TV).

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