The Odd Couple: Season Four

The real essence of this successful sitcom is the chemistry between actors Tony Randall and Jack Klugman. It is a situation of great casting and two actors playing well off each other. The premise of opposites co-existing has been done many times but rarely as well as this show did it.

Episode 1: Gloria Moves In: Felix (played by Tony Randall) informs Oscar (played by Jack Klugman) that he is getting back together with his wife.

Episode 2: Last Tango in Newark: Felix worries about Oscar embarrassing him at the ballet.

Episode 3: Odd Decathalon: Oscar forgets to mail Felix's health insurance cheque so he is without insurance if he gets sick.

Episode 4: That Was No Lady: Felix invites the wife of a football player to the opera.

Episode 5: Odd Holiday: Felix thinks back to a vacation that he and his wife took with Oscar and his wife.

Episode 6: The New Car: Tension rises when Oscar wins a prize because Felix gave him the answer.

Episode 7: This is the Army, Mrs. Madison: Felix recounts the story of how Oscar was not at his own wedding.

Episode 8: The Songwriter: Felix is impressed when he finds out that Oscar has a date with singer Jaye P. Morgan.

Episode 9: Felix Directs: Felix goes about making his own film.

Episode 10: The Pig Who Came to Dinner: Oscar is ecstatic when he finds out that Bobby Riggs is coming for dinner.

Episode 11: Maid For Each Other: Felix refuses to cook and clean for Oscar anymore.

Episode 12: The Exorcists: Felix is worried about the strange noises he hears in the apartment at night.

Episode 13: A Barnacle Adventure: Oscar asks Felix for a loan of $2,000 for a business venture.

Episode 14: The Moonlighter: Oscar takes a second job as a cook in a diner on the wrong side of the tracks.

Episode 15: Cleanliness is Next to Impossible: Oscar starts dating a girl named Phyllis (played by Janice Lynde) who tells him he is a slob.

Episode 16: The Flying Felix: Felix, despite his fear of flying, has to take a plane to Boston for work.

Episode 17: Vocal Girl Makes Good: At Oscar's 40th birthday party Felix hears a woman sing and decides to join the opera group.

Episode 18: Shuffling Off to Buffalo: Felix's brother Floyd (played by William Redfield) is coming in for a visit and offers Felix a job.

Episode 19: A Different Drummer: Felix reunites his college band.

Episode 20: The Insomniacs: Felix is driving Oscar crazy with his insomnia.

Episode 21: New York's Oddest: Felix helps a woman give birth in Times Square and is shocked when no one else seems to care about her condition.

Episode 22: One for the Bunny: The fact that Oscar has a subscription to Playboy upsets Felix.

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