The Odd Couple: The Final Season

This sitcom was based on the premise of prim versus messy, gourmet food versus junk food and proper versus gruff. The story of Felix and Oscar living together worked well for many seasons due to the endless amounts of fights these two opposites could get into. This was the fifth and final season of The Odd Couple.

Episode 1: The Rain in Spain: Oscar's (played by Jack Klugman) secretary (played by Penny Marshall) is upset that her boyfriend has broken up with her.

Episode 2: To Bowl or Not to Bowl: Oscar is upset when Felix (played by Tony Randall) announces he is not bowling in the championship game.

Episode 3: The Frog: Oscar loses Leonard's frog before the big Frog Jumping Competition.

Episode 4: The Hollywood Story: Oscar gets a small part in a Hollywood movie and Felix acts as his agent.

Episode 5: The Dog Story: Felix dognaps Silver the Canine Wonder.

Episode 6: Strike Up the Band or Else: Oscar owes a $500 gambling debt and doesn't have the money to pay it so he tricks Felix and his bandmates into playing a country music gig in order to pay it off.

Episode 7: The Odd Candidate: Felix enters Oscar into the City Councillor election versus the incumbent candidate.

Episode 8: The Subway Story: After Oscar claims he is sick of New York Felix tries to show him what a great city it is but they end up stuck on a subway.

Episode 9: The Paul Williams Show: Felix stops a sick Edna from going to a Paul Williams concert so she decides to run away to become a groupie.

Episode 10: Our Fathers: A chance meeting between Felix's and Oscar's fathers.

Episode 11: The Big Broadcast: Oscar gets a job as a radio host and Felix comes up with ideas to boost his ratings.

Episode 12: Oscar in Love: Oscar thinks about becoming a family man.

Episode 13: The Bigger They Are: Felix volunteers Oscar for some weight loss photos.

Episode 14: Two On the Aisle: Oscar is asked to fill in for the theatre critic.

Episode 15: Your Mother Wears Army Boots: Felix helps Oscar get a job on Monday Night Football with Howard Cosell.

Episode 16: Felix the Horse Player: Oscar begins to win at the track with a little help from Felix.

Episode 17: The Rent Strike: Feeling the rent rates are too high Felix starts a picket line with fellow tenants.

Episode 18: Two Men on a Hoarse: Oscar doesn't want to go through throat surgery but Felix keeps nagging him about it.

Episode 19: The Roy Clark Show: Felix is impressed with Oscar old army buddy's musical talent.

Episode 20: Old Flames Never Die: Felix is depressed after he learns that his high school girlfriend is a grandmother.

Episode 21: Laugh, Clown, Laugh: Felix is jealous when Richard Dawson and Oscar are chosen as co-hosts of a television show.

Episode 22: Felix Remarries: Felix convinces Gloria that he has changed so she agrees to remarry him.

Episode 23: The Odd Couple: Together Again: As Felix's daughter is about to get married he and Oscar finds themselves roomies again.

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