The Partridge Family: The Complete Third Season

Bubblegum pop music, good clean fun and David Cassidy are what made this family comedy a hit during the 1970s. The Partridge Family is headed by single mother Shirley (played by Shirley Jones) who has formed a music group with her five kids – Laurie (played by Susan Dey), Danny (played by Danny Bodaduce), Keith (played by David Cassidy), Chris, and Tracy. They are managed by the often bemused and befuddled Reuben Kincaid.

In season three the musical family is off the road and living at home for a change so all their adventures and misadventures happen around the house. Family fights, dating and school are what they are all living through now. Look for guest appearances by Jodie Foster, Charlotte Rae, Anthony Geary, and Bert Convy.

Episode 1: The Male Chauvinist Piggy Went to Market: At school as part of an experiment, the guys learn how to cook and sew and the girls shop and self-defense.

Episode 2: M is for Many Things: Shirley is named "Mother of the Year" and takes the entire family to the ceremony in Sacramento.

Episode 3: Princess and the Partridge: Keith can't manage to get a date for the weekend until Reuben tells him a visiting princess wants to spend it with him.

Episode 4: Each Dawn I Diet: As he is going to a swimming party with a date, Danny becomes self-conscious about his weight.

Episode 5: A Penny for his Thoughts: Snake, a Hells Angel type, rings the Partridge doorbell one night and tells them all about his problems.

Episode 6: You're Only Young Twice: Shirley makes an appointment with a psychologist after learning that Danny's behaviour in class has become disruptive.

Episode 7: The Mod Father: Grandmother and Grandfather come over for a visit.

Episode 8: A Likely Candidate: Keith helps candidate Richard Lawrence run his campaign.

Episode 9: Swiss Family Partridge: The kids are thrilled when Shirley and Reuben tell them they have rented a cabin in Lake Tahoe for the weekend.

Episode 10: Ain't Love Grand: Laurie makes a date with a boy that used to live next door but is shocked when he shows up at the door with a clerical collar.

Episode 11: Whatever Happened to Keith Partridge?: A talent scout tells the family that Keith would be perfect for a part in a film.

Episode 12: Nag, Nag, Nag: Danny wins second prize at a raffle – a race horse.

Episode 13: For Sale by Owner: Reuben takes Shirley to see a new house.

Episode 14: Aspirin at 7, Dinner at 8: After a couple of dates with a doctor, Shirley can't figure out how to tell him she is not interested.

Episode 15: For Whom the Bell Tolls…And Tolls…And Tolls: The Partridges are victims of a burglary.

Episode 16: Trial of Partridge One: The principal's daughter asks Laurie to drop off an envelope that turns out to contain a stolen test.

Episode 17: I Left My Heart in Cincinnati: Keith asks the park director out on a date only to find out that Danny asked her first.

Episode 18: The Eleven-Year Itch: Richard Lawrence and his daughter come to town and she has a crush on Danny.

Episode 19: Bedknobs and Drumsticks: Reuben gets the Partridge Family a gig in a television commercial for a chicken restaurant.

Episode 20: Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex…But Couldn't Pronounce: Keith is failing sex education.

Episode 21: Forgive Us Our Debts: Shirley receives a bill for a $29 cuckoo clock which says she owes $290.

Episode 22: The Partridge Connection: Danny steals a yo-yo, finally confesses, comes clean to the store owner, and then goes around preaching integrity to everyone.

Episode 23: The Selling of the Partridges: Laurie is campaign manager for a girl running against Keith for school presidency.

Episode 24: Diary of a Mad Millionaire: Reuben books the Partridges for a gig where they end up playing to an audience of one.

Episode 25: Me and My Shadow: Mike Rezo, a mystery writer, challenges the Partridge Family that if they hide somewhere and he cannot find them then he will donate $25,000 to the charity of their choice.

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