The Prophecy: Forsaken

"The Prophecy: Forsaken" is number 5 in the saga about pissed off angels, the 4th one in a row that is straight to video. Err, never a good sign I'd say. Straying ever further from the original story line, this flick has some great one liners; a necessity for this type of film. The movie is about an ancient religious text called The Lexicon, which has the ability to write itself, and has revealed the identity of the next antichrist. One woman knows this information, and the angel hit men for good and evil do their respective best to get this tidbit of information, which I guess is kind of important.

Allison (Kari Wuhrer) is the woman in question who holds the book, and only a lawman, Dylan (Jason Scott Lee), tries to help her. Not very suspenseful or interesting for that matter, "Forsaken" doesn't do much to hold the viewer's attention, aside from constantly having to explain the plot through meaningless character dialogue. The ideas and thoughts regarding good and evil aren't developed enough, or at all for that matter, making it truly hard to maintain any kind of interest in the movie. These aren't bad actors here, but this movie definitely does not bring out their best. Not enough nudity and violence for a straight to DVD release, "Forsaken" is epitomic of a stretched out series. For diehard fans only, "Forsaken" offers little in the way of entertainment, unfortunately.


• Commentary track with director and crew

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