The Roach Approach: The Mane Event

Director Bruce Barry has created an animated entertaining journey based on the Biblical story of Daniel in the Lions' Den. This is an animated escapade with a positive message for children. The soundtrack for the DVD is from the 2005 Dove Award winners Nicole C. Mullen and tobyMac. It is short enough that children will not get antsy (no pun intended!) and the roaches are the cutest I have ever seen.

Grandpa Lou takes the roach kids on a Roach Rangers (roach equivalent of Scouts) camping trip and Flutter, a young female roach, wants to prove to Squiggz and Cosmo, two young male roaches, that she too is prepared to become a Ranger. The boys balk at this idea because normally girls are not part of the Roach Rangers. Always one to have a story that fits every occasion, Grandpa Lou tells the tale of Daniel in the Lions' Den as they make their way through a drain pipe. The kids learn a valuable lesson from the story about faith, friendship, potential, and sticking up for what they believe in. Later that evening, as the roaches are all sleeping a spider comes looking to make a meal of the roaches. Flutter's courage and Ranger skills are put to the test. She must act in order to save everyone.

Special Features:
-The Inside Scoop: Bruce Barry talks about how he came up with the idea for the film
-Journey Behind the Scenes: Interviews with the creative team behind the film
-Creative Team Members: Interviews with the members of the team
-Meet the Roach Rangers: Squiggz, Flutter, and Cosmo
-Imagine with Bruce: Bruce teaches kids how to draw with numbers and words
-The Roach Approach Slingshot Slugger preview
-Strawberry Shortcake trailer

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