The Rockford Files: Season Four

Only in TV land could an ex-con turn into a private investigator and not only did it happen but James Garner won an Emmy for it. To clarify the issue he has been released from jail when he is found to actually be innocent. Jim Rockford now lives in a mobile trailer in Malibu and solves some big cases in the city of Los Angeles. He uses his street smarts, quick wit and stuff he learned behind bars in order to catch the bad guys. This private detective is a man's man and always gets his man.

Episode 1: Beamer's Last Case: A man by the name of Fred Beamer (James Whitmore Jr. – appeared in episodes of Dallas and Magnum P.I.) is trying to impersonate Jim Rockford (Jim Garner – The Notebook, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood).

Episode 2: Trouble in Chapter 17: Author Ann Louise (Claudette Nevins – Sleeping With the Enemy) hires Rockford because she believes that someone is trying to kill her. Jim thinks she is faking it for publicity until her agent is killed.

Episode 3: The Battle of Canoga Park: Rocky (Noah Beery Jr. – appeared in episodes of Gunsmoke and Bonanza) convinces Rockford to hire a cleaning lady. It causes nothing but trouble and Rockford ends up being accused of a murder.

Episode 4: Second Chance: Gandy (Isaac Hayes – Hustle & Flow, Dr. Doolittle 2) is in love with a woman named Theda (Dionne Warwick – appeared in episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger, The Fall Guy). She is a singer who he wants to promote.

Episode 5: The Dog and Pony Show: A CIA man is undercover at a psychiatric institute. Jim and Angel (Stuart Margolin – The Hoax, Iron Eagle II) are arrested for transporting stolen spoons.

Episode 6: Requiem for a Funny Box: Kenny Bell (Jodean Lawrence – Funny Lady, Airport) and Joe Russo (Robert Quarry – House of Bamboo, A Kiss Before Dying) are ex-partners in showbusiness and now all they do is fight.

Episode 7: Quickie Nirvana: Sky Aquarian (Valerie Curtin – Down and Out in Beverly Hills, All The President's Men), a New Age kinda gal, who has been living at a shelter talks Rockford into having her last check from her last job delivered to his trailer. Seems simple enough until there's a murder and $30,000 missing.

Episode 8: Irving the Explainer: A famous painting goes missing and a murder and Rockford is in it up to his neck.

Episode 9: The Mayor's Committee from Deer Lick Falls: Four businessmen from Michigan come to Los Angeles to buy firetrucks and try to hire Rockford to commit a murder.

Episode 10: Hotel of Fear: Angel sees a hooker get murdered in his building. After much persuasion and a few perks, he is convinced to testify against gangster Del Kane (Madison Arnold – Donnie Brasco, Presumed Innocent).

Episode 11: Forced Retirement: Angel tries to run his usual scams in restaurants. It is proving to be difficult for Beth (Gretchen Corbett – appeared in episodes of Kojak and Hawaii Five-0) as her client was a college rival.

Episode 12: The Queen of Peru: A gang who have stolen a diamond dissolve over their disagreements about it. Part of them wants to sell it and part want to find the rest of the loot.

Episode 13: A Deadly Maze: Dr. Eric Albach (Larry Linville – from television's M.A.S.H.) hires Rockford to look for his missing wife. Rockford does not seem to be making any headway as his client's story keeps changing.

Episode 14: The Attractive Nuisance: A burglar falls off of Rockford's roof as he is trying to break in and sues Rockford for personal injury. He is no ordinary burglar as he was also trying to bug Rockford's trailer.

Episode 15: The Gang at Don's Drive-In: Rockford is hired by an old friend, Jack (Anthony Zerbe – The Matrix Revolutions, True Crime), to track down the 1961 graduates of a high school. While doing this Rockford gets involved in a 16-year-old murder case.

Episode 16: The Paper Palace:

Episode 17: Dwarf in a Helium Hat: In the middle of the night, Rockford receives a threatening phone call for a 'Jay'. Rockford decides it's not a joke and starts looking for Jay (John Pleshette – The Truman Show, Rocky II).

Episode 18: South By Southeast: The government, who have mistaken Rockford for someone else, send him on a secret mission.

Episode 19: The Competitive Edge: Rockford is hired to find a man who has disappeared just after he was released from prison. While on the search Rockford is drugged and sent to a psychiatric institution.

Episode 20: The Prisoner of Rosemont Hall: Rockford feels obliged to investigate the fact that there is blood in old friend Paul Douglas' (Bill Thornbury – Phantasm) car. All clues lead Rockford to a college.

Episode 21: The House on Willis Avenue: Joe Tooley (Paul Fix – appeared in episodes of The Streets of San Francisco and Emergency), a man who Rockford has styled himself after, is killed in a car accident. Rockford thinks something is up as Tooley never drove on the highway and certainly not without his glasses.

Special Features:
-Bonus Episode from Season Five – White on White & Nearly Perfect
-America's Top Sleuths

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