The Simple Life 5: Goes to Camp

Camp Shawnee doesn't really know what hit it when rich kids Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie join their team as camp counselors. It is bound to be a summer that no one forgets. At every opportunity the duo attempts to torment the camp owners, fellow counselors and even the campers.

Paris and Nicole have kissed and made up so they are back with their reality series. They are now working at a camp that changes every week. One week it's a Wellness Camp, the next it is a Couples Therapy Camp, followed by a Pageant Camp, a Survival Camp, and finally a Drama Camp.

Episode 1: Welcome to Camp Shawnee: Paris and Nicole start off a new season as camp counselors at a Wellness Camp.

Episode 2: Big Primpin': Hunter tries to impress Paris every chance he can get.

Episode 3: Pageant Girls Just Want to Have Fun: Paris and Nicole impart all they know upon these young girls about hair and makeup.

Episode 4: Show Stoppers: Paris and Nicole believe the pageant moms are getting in the way of the girls having fun.

Episode 5: Flirting with Disaster: Dr. Diana tries to use Paris and Nicole's unique set of skills during her camp for couples.

Episode 6: Committed: Things between Paris and Hunter are getting awkward.

Episode 7: Say Hello to Myke Hawke: The girls start work at a Survival Camp led by an ex-Green Beret.

Episode 8: Babies in the Woods: Oscar Award-winning actress Sally Kirkland heads the Drama Camp at Camp Shawnee.

Episode 9: Almost Fame-less: The camp prepares itself for the debut of Paris and Nicole: The Musical.

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