The Simpsons: The Complete Eighth Season

Season Eight is when The Simpsons starts showing signs of its 'weird' side. The storylines begin to become a little bit more 'far out' and less conventional comedy happens. There is still plenty of that brand of dark humour that we have come to love. Unlike many other animated series, The Simpsons' scripts contain much intelligence and are well-written criticisms of modern society. I guess that is why the series has lasted so long. Buy this to add to your collection of what is thought by some critics to be the best animated series ever. Guest voice appearances by Rodney Dangerfield, Mike Tyson, David Hyde Pierce, Kelsey Grammer, and Don King.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Treehouse of Horror VII: One of the famous Simpsons Halloween episodes. One story finds Bart discovering that he has an evil twin brother named Hugo. Another has Lisa conducting an experiment with a tooth that has fallen out and creates a whole new society and the final story has Kang and Kudo coming to Earth and becoming Bob Dole and Bill Clinton.

Episode 2: You Only Move Twice: Homer gets a job with Hank Scorpio who seems like a stand up guy in the beginning but he has plans for extortion and terrorism.

Episode 3: The Homer They Fall: Moe becomes Homer's boxing manager and everything goes smoothly until he has to fight Drederick Tatum.

Episode 4: Burns, Baby Burns: Mr. Burns' long-lost son becomes best friends with Homer.

Episode 5: Bart After Dark: After Homer finds out that Bart has vandalized the property at a scary old house he forces him to do some work there. Bart discovers that the house is a burlesque house.

Episode 6: A Milhouse Divided: After they get a divorce, Milhouse's father becomes an awful singer.

Episode 7: Lisa's Date With Density: Lisa develops a crush on Nelson and believes that she can make him a better person.

Episode 8: Hurricane Neddy: Ned Flanders doubts his faith when his house is the only one ruined by a hurricane.

Episode 9: El Viaje de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)": Homer eats a bad pepper and has a hallucination about a wolf that instructs him to find his soul mate.

Episode 10: The Springfield Files: A spoof of The X-Files.

Episode 11: The Twisted World of Marge Simpson: After the Investorettes kick Marge out for being too conservative she buys a pretzel company she still faces some problems on the road to success.

Episode 12: Mountain of Madness: At a survival expedition by the nuclear plant Homer and Mr. Burns find themselves snowed in a cabin and experience some hallucinations.

Episode 13: Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala (Annoyed Grunt) cious: The Simpsons decide that they need a nanny and they hire Shary Bobbins.

Episode 14: The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show: Homer is hired to do the voice of a new cartoon character but it isn't very popular.

Episode 15: Homer's Phobia: Homer meets John, who owns a collectables store, and discovers he is gay. Homer then believes that John is 'influencing' Bart.

Episode 16: Brother From Another Series: After being released from prison, Sideshow Bob joins up with his brother Cecil.

Episode 17: My Sister, My Sitter: Lisa is the baby sitter and fears that she has killed Bart after she pushes him down the stairs.

Episode 18: Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment: After prohibition is put in place in Springfield, Homer helps Moe to establish a speakeasy.

Episode 19: Grade School Confidential: Mrs. Krabappel and Principle Skinner start a relationship with Skinner admitting that he is a virgin.

Episode 20: The Canine Mutiny: Bart is able to obtain a credit card and starts buying a bunch of things including a collie he names Laddie. When the repo men begin to take back the things he has bought he gives them Santa's Little Helper instead of Laddie but soon regrets his decision.

Episode 21: The Old Man and Lisa: Mr. Burns, who is now poor, joins forces with Lisa to create a recycling plant.

Episode 22: In Marge We Trust: Marge becomes the "Listen Lady" and Mr. Lovejoy becomes jealous.

Episode 23: Homer's Enemy: Frank Grimes is hired at the nuclear plant and unlike all the other employees he refuses to turn a blind eye to Homer's incompetence.

Episode 24: The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase: A Brady Bunch spoof.

Episode 25: The Secret War of Lisa Simpson: Marge and Homer send Bart to a military school and Lisa decides to join as well, but the other boys do not accept her.

Special Features:
-Special introduction from creator Matt Groening
-Commentary on every episode by creator Matt Groening and executive producer Josh Weinstein, joined by (variously) the producers, writers, directors, and voice cast
-"The Simpsons House" featurette
-Multi-angle animation showcases
-Animators' illustrated commentaries on select episodes
-Original sketches
-Deleted scenes
-Promotional spots featuring Matt Groening
-Special language feature on Homer's Enemy

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