The Simpsons: The Complete Ninth Season

After watching The Simpsons for all these years I am really beginning to question whether they really are that different from your average American family…other than the fact that Marge has 3-foot high blue hair, Lisa is an 8-year-old feminist/genius, and the father, Homer, often tries to strangle his son, Bart….o.k. the last thing is plausible, but not the others. Buy or rent this DVD in preparation for the long-awaited and highly anticipated Simpsons movie that is supposed to be out soon.

Disc One:
Episode 1: The City of New York vs. Homer: The Simpsons go to New York to try and get Homer's car back. Homer is hesitant to go because of a previous bad experience in the city that never sleeps.

Episode 2: The Principal and the Pauper: Springieldians are shocked one and all when they find out that the man they know as Seymour Skinner is not really Seymour Skinner. Guest voices by Marcia Wallace and Martin Sheen.

Episode 3: Lisa's Sax: Lisa's saxophone is accidentally ruined and the true story of how she came to have it is revealed. Guest voice by Fyvush Finkel.

Episode 4: Treehouse of Horror VIII: Three Halloween skits – "Homega Man", "Fly vs. Fly" and "Easy-Bake Coven". Guest voice by Marcia Wallace.

Episode 5: The Cartridge Family: After seeing a soccer riot Homer decides he needs a gun to protect his family. Marge wants him to get rid of it, but he doesn't.

Episode 6: Bart Star: Bart joins a football team and Homer replaces the coach. Guest voice by Joe Namath.

Special Features:
-The Principal and the Pauper picture-in-picture: storyboards and animatic
-A Riff from Matt Groening

Disc Two:
Episode 7: The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons: Apu has a pre-arranged marriage and his bride, Manjula, comes to Springfield. There seems to be no way for Apu to get out of the marriage. Guest voices by Jan Hooks, Andrea Martin and Marcia Wallace.

Episode 8: Lisa the Skeptic: While digging the foundation for a mall, a skeleton is found in Springfield. The skeleton seems to be that of an angel and everyone is excited except for Lisa. Guest voices by Phil Hartman and Marcia Wallace.

Episode 9: Reality Bites: Marge starts working as a real estate agent. She finds she is too honest for the job. Guest voice by Phil Hartman.

Episode 10: Miracle on Evergreen Terrace: Bart burns down the family Christmas tree but refuses to admit it. Everyone in Springfield feels sorry for the family until they find out they have been tricked. Guest voices by Marica Wallace and Alex Trebek.

Episode 11: All Singing, All Dancing: Homer is upset when he rents a Clint Eastwood film to find out it is a musical. Guest voices by George Harrison and Phil Hartman.

Episode 12: Bart Carny: A smart carnival performer and his son win the Simpsons' house from them. The Simpsons have to try and outsmart them to get it back. Guest voice by Jim Varney.

Episode 13: The Joy of Sect: Homer becomes part of a cult that is popular in Springfield. Once Marge saves him he then tries to bring down the cult. Guest voice by Marcia Wallace.

Special Features:
-All Singing, All Dancing: A Bit from the Animators

Disc Three:
-Episode 14: Das Bus: The school bus crashes and the kids are stranded on a deserted island. Homer goes against Bill Gates and comes out the worse. Guest voices by James Earl Jones and Phil Hartman.

Episode 15: The Last Temptation of Krusty: After bombing, Krusty comes to the realization that his material is out of date. He then tries to better understand his audience, but that does not last too long. Guest voices by Bobcat Goldthwait, Janeane Garafalo, Jay Leno, Marcia Wallace, Hank Williams Jr., and Steven Wright.

Episode 16: Dumbbell Indemnity: Moe has a new girlfriend and in order to give her things he attempts an insurance fraud. Moe lets Homer go to jail for a crime he committed and Homer tries to get his revenge. Guest voices by Helen Hunt and Marcia Wallace.

Episode 17: Lisa the Simpson: Lisa is scared when she thinks she is losing her smarts. Relief comes when she finds out that the intelligence in her family is passed down in an odd way. Guest voice by Phil Hartman.

Episode 18: The Little Wiggly: Bart and Ralph Wiggum become friends which gets Bart the key to the town. Their hijinx leads to them endangering the mayor's life. Guest voices by Phil Hartman and Marcia Wallace.

Episode 19: Simpson Tide: Homer and his friends join the Naval Reserve. Homer gets his hands on a nuclear sub and an international incident ensues. Guest voices by Bob Denver and Rod Steiger.

Episode 20: The Trouble With Trillions: Because he does not fill out his taxes correctly, Homer gets audited. While he is helping the IRS to get Mr. Burns, Homer finds out that there might be a trillion dollar bill. Guest voice by Marcia Wallace.

Special Features:
-Animation showcase

Disc Four:
Episode 21: Girly Edition: Lisa and Bart are hired to do a kid's version of the news. Homer gets a helper monkey named Mojo. Guest voice by Marcia Wallace.

Episode 22: Trash of the Titans: This is the 200th episode of the series. Springfield hires Homer as its Sanitation Commissioner. Guest voices by U2, Steve Martin and Marcia Wallace.

Episode 23: King of the Hill: Homer thinks that eating nutritional bars and working out will get him into shape. Over confident he agrees to climb Springfield's towering Murderhorn. Guest voices by Steven Weber and Brendan Fraser.

Episode 24: Lost Our Lisa: Lisa finds herself lost in a strange part of town and it's up to Homer to get her back. Guest voice by Marcia Wallace.

Episode 25: Natural Born Kissers: In order to get passion back into their relationship, Marge and Homer start doing it in public places. Guest voice by Marcia Wallace.

Special Features:
-A Moment with U2
-Deleted scenes
-Art and animation

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