The Spectacular Spider-Man: Volume Four

Fans of the Marvel comic book character will want to check out this updated version of their web slinging hero, Spider-Man. Yes, it is mostly geared towards the 10-15 male adolescent, but it should be interesting to long time fans as well.

The formula used in this animated series is the tried and true one that has seen Spider-Man wage battle against a variety of villains. Some of the villains in this series will be familiar ones such as Dr. Octopus and the Black Cat, but some will be new to everyone.

As it is geared towards pre-teens and younger teenagers, the episodes of The Spectacular Spider-Man also feature Peter Parker and Spider-Man both learning some valuable life lessons.

Episode 1: Persona: As Spider-Man is trying to stop Black Cat from stealing some alien ooze, it actually attaches itself to our hero.

Episode 2: Group Therapy: After Electro is released from jail he breaks out the rest of his evil doing buddies known as the Sinister Six and they immediately set their sights on Spider-Man.

Episode 3: Intervention: Aunt Mae is recovering from her heart attack and Peter finds himself being overtaken by his new alien suit.

Episode 4: Nature vs. Nurture: Pete, now behaving more like himself, has no idea that Eddie now is the owner of the alien suit.

Special Features: Previews of The Spectacular Spider-Man, Storm Hawks, Open Season 2, Monster House, Surf's Up, Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, Spectacular!, Gym Teacher, and The Final Season

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