The Tripper: Unrated

The film came to Montrealers attention during last year's Fantasia film festival and now it is out on DVD for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. If you are a fan of the old style horror films then you will like this one. It has all the stuff you love with plenty of blood, a bad guy who wears a mask and wields an axe and who does not have to run after his victims, but always seems to be able to catch up with them just walking.

David Arquette was obviously a fan of Wes Craven and Tobe Hooper. He has created a horror exploitation film to pay tribute to them. The gore will have you cringing and the rest will make you laugh. It is a satire of the slasher films and American politics at the same time.

A group of friends, who are hippies, are heading off in their van for a weekend of music, drinking, drugs, and sex. In a small rural northern Californian town they are preparing for the influx of young people for the first annual American Free Love Festival. The weekend starts off well, but goes quickly downhill when a psychopath wearing a Ronald Reagan mask starts killing off the festival attendees one by one. How are they going to stop him?

This film falls into the so bad that its good category. It is purposely bad and does it well. Ridiculous situation after ridiculous situation happens and you cannot wait for more. Sure to become a cult favourite.

Special Features:
-Behind the Scenes featurette
-The Making of Ronald Reagan
-The Missing Finger Incident
-A Shitty Situation
-The Tripper Presidential Campaign Tour
-Deleted scenes
-Good Times Blooper Reel
-Theatrical trailer
-Trailers for Day Watch, Civic Duty, The TV Set, and Blind Dating

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