The Wild Wild West: The Fourth Season

The last season of this Western meets spy television series continues along its forged out path of two government agents who fight international crime in the American West. There is a little bit of cowboy fun, espionage intrigue, science fiction mystery, and campiness all to satisfy all customers.

Episode 1: The Night of the Big Blackmail: A kinetoscope with an incriminating photo of President Grant (played by Roy Engel) has to be altered by Agent James West or there will be an international scandal.

Episode 2: The Night of the Doomsday Formula: The inventor of a new explosive, Dr. Crane (played by E.J. Andre) and his daughter (played by Melinda Plowman) are missing.

Episode 3: The Night of the Juggernaut: Jim and Artie are sent to investigate when settlers are being forced off their land by any means possible.

Episode 4: The Night of the Sedgewick Curse: Someone who Jim is corresponding with disappears.

Episode 5: The Night of the Gruesome Games: A night of dangerous parlour games faces the two agents while they are tracking a scientist who has stolen a vial of deadly germs.

Episode 6: The Night of the Kraken: As they are investigating why fishing has been outlawed in a particular body of water, Jim and Artie are attacked by a gang of sailors.

Episode 7: The Night of the Fugitives: Jim is assigned to arrest murderer Norbert Plank (played by J.S. Johnson)

Episode 8: The Night of the Egyptian Queen: The curator of the San Francisco Museum and Artie are attacked in the Egyptian exhibit by three men wearing gas masks.

Episode 9: The Night of Fire and Brimstone: Jim and Artie head over to Brimstone as they are called by Professor Colecrest (played by John Crawford) to check over his discovery.

Episode 10: The Night of the Camera: Jim is after an opium gang and has to raid a local warehouse in order to try and capture them.

Episode 11: The Night of the Avaricious Actuary: Several beautiful homes have been destroyed by explosions so Jim and Artie begin an investigation.

Episode 12: The Night of Miguelito

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